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9 Universities with a Beach

9 Universities with a Beach


Choosing a university to study abroad in can be difficult. A lot of factors need to be evaluated, like the majors offered, the quality of the university, the cost of living etc., etc.. But every standard list of “must-haves” can be upgraded with a few “should-haves”. Why not add a few personal preferences like… having a beach close by? Here are some universities with a beach you should look into:

1. FH Stralsund (Germany)

Not every beach needs to have a Mediterranean climate. Are you a fan of the Baltic Sea? In that case, why not study in the northern tip of Germany? If your major is Engineering, Economics or Computer Sciences, you can enjoy the view of the seashore straight from the university.

2. Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH (Sweden)

Located at the southern tip of Sweden, this is another university with direct access to the Baltic Sea. Another school aimed at Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Telecommunications, you just have to walk out the door to see the sea stretching out in front of you.

3. University of Vaasa (Finland)

The place furthest north in this list. Located at the Gulf of Bothnia, this university is located directly on the shore. If you’re a Business, Management, Finance or System Analytics student and like the Nordic lifestyle, this place is for you.

4. University of Zadar (Croatia)

Time to move further south. Although it’s not a beach in the common sense, the University of Zadar is located directly by the Adriatic Sea. So while you can enjoy the sea from the view of your classroom, getting into the sandy dunes will ask of an extra 20-minute walking time. If your major is a Language (they offer eight different ones), History, Journalism or the Arts, you’ll feel right at home there.

5. University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Croatia, the second. The University of Dubrovnik is also located directly next to the Adriatic Sea. If you study Media, Public Relations, Marine Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies or Economics and Business Economics, then this is the place for you. Also, of course, if you’re a big Game of Thrones fan and want to see King’s Landing in front of you and not just on the TV screen.

6. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

Similar to Zadar, the university is located 20 minutes from an actual beach. Situated in the popular Catalan capital of Barcelona, you won’t be going wrong here in terms of location. The majors offered cover a broad spectrum of fields of interest. You can study Communication, Law, Engineering, Economics or Humanities.


7. Aix-Marseille Université (France)

While the main building is not directly located at the beach, it will only take you a five-minute walk to reach the Mediterranean Sea. Studying in France is always popular in demand, but why always go to Paris if you can experience the famous southern part of the country? Only one condition – you must be enrolled in either Medicine, Pharmacy or Dentistry.

8. EUHT StPOL (Spain)

Barcelona does know how to put its beaches to good use. This university is directly located along the coastline. You just have to cross the street and you’re surrounded by sand and water. What better way is there to enjoy the Balearic Sea? If Hotel Business is what you’re planning to do in life, you’ve hit the jackpot at the University School of Hospitality and Tourism of Sant Pol de Mar.

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9. Nova School of Business & Economics (Portugal)

Although not located directly by the beach yet, this Portuguese university will get a new campus right next to the coast by 2020. This relocation is supposed to offer a modern and attractive place for students and faculty. If you’re a student three years from now and are interested in Economics, Finance or Management, this will be the perfect place for you.


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