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25 Universities that Can Guarantee You a Job

25 Universities that Can Guarantee You a Job

25 universities get you a job

In today’s economy you need a little more from your university than a very expensive piece of paper. If you want your dream job, then some universities are better than others.
Here’s the best 25 universities in Europe for graduate employability. In all of these universities, the probability of finding a job is over 50% – which means you only need to study a bit harder than the guy sitting next to you in class, and you’re practically ensured a job as soon as you graduate.

#1. University of Cambridge

Employability rating: 94.1%

Cambridge University - Credit: Kosala Bandara, Flickr
Cambridge University – Credit: Kosala Bandara, Flickr

Location: Cambridge, UK

Number of Students: 19,515

Style: Very traditional and very old (founded c. 1209), almost a universe apart from the rest of the world.

Fact: Some of its alumni include: Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Virginia Woolf, C.S. Lewis and A.A. Milne!


#2. University of Oxford

Employability rating: 92.3%

University of Oxford - Credit: Martin Stitchener, flickr
University of Oxford – Credit: Martin Stitchener, flickr

Location: Oxford, UK

Number of Students: 22,602

Style: Just as posh and ‘Old England’ as Cambridge. Despite the stuffy tradition, both are exceptional places of learning.

Fact: The stairs of Christ Church College were used as the stairs to the Great Hall in Harry Potter movies.


#3. Ecole Polytechnique

Employability rating: 86%

Location: Paris, France

Number of Students: 2,888

Style: Small, elitist and military, with a historical connection to French liberalism.

Fact: The academy played a huge role in French history, including resisting attacks of the 6th Coalition and leading the French Revolution of 1848. However, women weren’t allowed in until 1972.


#4. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Employability rating: 76%

ETH Zurish - Credit: Dennis Jarvis, flickr
ETH Zurish – Credit: Dennis Jarvis, flickr

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Number of Students: 18,616

Style: Scientific and technological.

Fact: Albert Einstein worked as a professor there in 1921 when he received his Nobel Prize.


#5. University of Leeds

Employability rating: 72.1%

Leeds Cityscape - Credit: Tim Green, flickr
Leeds Cityscape – Credit: Tim Green, flickr

Location: Leeds, UK

Number of Students: 31,030

Style: ‘Red Brick University, large typical northern English university, with a mix of students, including some posh ‘Rah’ types.

Fact: The Who recorded their famous album ‘Live at Leeds’ at the uni.


#6. University of Edinburgh

Employability rating: 69.2%

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Number of Students: 35,582

Style: Traditional and beautiful, it’s populated by Scotland and England’s elite (and plenty of its normal Britons too).

Fact: Edinburgh’s student newspaper, ‘The Student’, was founded by Robert Louis Stevenson, the man who wrote ‘Treasure Island’. It’s the country oldest.


#7. Ecole Centrale de Paris

Employability rating: 65.9%

Location: Paris, France

Number of Students: 1,394

Style: Extremely selective and prestigious, the school is technical and scientific.

Fact: Gustave Eiffel  is a famous alumni.


#8. Technische Universität Darmstadt

Employability rating: 64.4%

Darmstad Schlos Marktplatz - Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Darmstad Schlos Marktplatz – Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Number of Students: 25,100

Style: Research university with a large student body and technical focus.

Fact: It was the first university in the world to set up a department for electrical engineering.


#9. Loughborough University

Employability rating: 62.4%

Olympic Torch Handover - Credit: Martin Ash, flickr
Olympic Torch Handover – Credit: Martin Ash, flickr

Location: Loughborough, UK

Number of Students: 16,557

Style: Specialist, media-sized, in a small town, with a huge focus on sport.

Fact: Famous athletes that have studied there include: The President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Sebastian Coe, Paula Radcliffe and Tanni Grey-Thompson.


#10. Politecnico di Milano

Employability rating: 61.5%

Credit: Alessandro Prada, flickr
Credit: Alessandro Prada, flickr

Location: Milan, Italy

Number of Students: 41,442

Style: Large uni, specialising in engineering, architecture and design

Fact: Giulio Natta got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry whilst working at the university.


#11. Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

Employability rating: 61.2%

Location: Aachen, Germany

Number of Students: 42,000

Style: A large city-based university with close links to industry.

Fact: The city was 70% destroyed when Aachen fell to the allies in 1944.


#12. Delft University of Technology

Employability rating: 60.3%

Rob Oo, flickr
Rob Oo, flickr

Location: Delft, The Netherlands 

Number of Students: 19,613

Style: Scientific, with a research tradition, based in a small city (Under 100,000).

Fact: It’s the largest and oldest public technical college in Holland, founded in 1842 King William II of the Netherlands.


#13. Durham University

Employability rating: 60.2%

Credit: Jonathan Oakley
Credit: Jonathan Oakley, flickr

Location: Durham, UK

Number of Students: 17,595

Style: Old, tradition and a little pompous, in a small medieval-style town.

Fact: The university has the highest number of inter-student marriages (72%). The British elite never do spread it around.


#14. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Employability rating: 58.4%

Credit: Olivier Bruchez
Credit: Olivier Bruchez, flickr

Location: Vaud, Switzerland

Number of Students: 5,205

Style: Small student body, in a small city, with a research and technology focus.

Fact: When the university first started, in 1853, it had just 11 students.


#15. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Employability rating: 57.3%

Credit: Ben Sutherland
Credit: Ben Sutherland, flickr

Location: London, UK

Number of Students: 10,600

Style: Historically left-wing, and slightly anti-establishment it was founded by Fabian Society members.

Fact: LSE has, reportedly, educated the most billionaires of any university in Europe.


#16. Universidad de Navarra

Employability rating: 57.5%

Credit: Universidad de Navarra, flickr
Credit: Universidad de Navarra, flickr

Location: Pamplona, Spain

Number of Students: 13,000

Style: A medium-sized university with a teaching hospital and engineering focus, in one of Spain’s biggest cities.

Fact: The university has a Catholic connection, and is partly founded by the Holy See.


#17. Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Employability rating: 56.1%

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Number of Students: 90,644

Style: Huge, old and prestigious university that prides itself on its research.

Fact: The university was actually founded in Naples by the King Alfonso V of Aragon in 1450.


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#18. University of Amsterdam

Employability rating: 57.3%

Credit: Andrew Gray
Credit: Andrew Gray, flickr

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Number of Students: 31,186

Style: The biggest in Holland, in it’s biggest city. Modern and historic.

Fact: The university has produced 6 Nobel Laureates and five Prime Ministers of the Netherlands.


#19.  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Employability rating: 53.4%

Location: Munich, Germany

Number of Students: 50,542

Style: Old, with a huge student body (The second largest in Germany).

Fact: Sophie Scholl was beheaded in 1943 for being a prominent member of The White Rose group that opposed the Nazi’s at the university.


#20. Technische Universität München

Employability rating: 54.3%

Location: Munich, Germany

Number of Students: 39,081

Style: Technological and, like most German universities, has a huge amount of students.

Fact: Yet, it’s got a giant slide. It’s built to a mathematical formula that means you slow down at the end.


#21. University of Bath

Employability rating: 55.9%

The Royal Crescent, Bath - Credit: Megan Coughlin
The Royal Crescent, Bath – Credit: Megan Coughlin, flickr

Location: Bath, UK

Number of Students: 16,820

Style: Part of the Russel group. A high-level university in a rich, and beautiful, southern town.

Fact: Their library never closes, 24/7. Truly 24hr.


#22. University of Southampton

Employability rating: 54.2%

Southampton Container Dock - Credit: Nigel Brown, flickr
Southampton Container Dock – Credit: Nigel Brown, flickr

Location: Southampton, UK

Number of Students: 23,795

Style: Lots of students who failed to get into Oxbridge. It is a high-quality and very typically ‘Southern’ university.

Fact: The university was founded to be the school for the elite of the city’s industrial classes, not for everyone, like its northern counterparts.


#23. Aston University

Employability rating: 52.7%

Credit: Elliot Brown, flickr
Credit: Elliot Brown, flickr

Location: Birmingham, UK

Number of Students: 11,065

Style: Young, down to earth, polytechnic. Less snobby than traditional British unis.

Fact: With Birmingham being a traditional industrial city, alongside Manchester it birthed the industrial revolution, Aston University started out as a School of Metallurgy.


#24. Lancaster University

Employability rating: 52.9%

Lancaster Castle - Credit: Gidzy, flickr
Lancaster Castle – Credit: Gidzy, flickr

Location: Lancaster, UK

Number of Students: 12,965

Style: Small, high-quality, ‘Russel Group’ university, in a traditional northern country town.

Fact: Despite being one of Britain’s best, Lancaster was only founded in 1964, in part of Harold Wilson’s great university expansion.


#25. University of Liverpool

Employability rating: 53%

Liverpool's Albert Dock (And Liver Building) - Credit: Beverley Goodwin
Liverpool’s Albert Dock (And Liver Building) – Credit: Beverley Goodwin, flickr

Location: Liverpool, UK

Number of Students: 19,573

Style: A typical, and high-quality, northern ‘Red Brick’ university, in a proud, cheap and unique city.

Fact: Despite having the 5th biggest endowment in the UK, the university was almost instrumental in the eradication of Smallpox, with research conducted by Allan Downie from 1943 to 1966.

[Results were compiled from the QS Graduate Employability Rankings]

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