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Going to University: Expectations VS Reality

Going to University: Expectations VS Reality


Ever since you were little, you’ve been hearing grown-ups say that University represents none other that the absolute best years of your life. You waited for this all your life and you finally made it!

There’s a catch, however. Although Uni is certainly great, some things weren’t quite like you were expecting. Remember your list of expectations for the past semester? Well… this is what actually happened instead:

1. Classes were going to be interesting

So, high school classes kinda sucked. Well sure, all those subjects were important. However, you’ve always been a science-geek, so those language and literature classes… Not quite your style.

But in University? You can actually choose your field of studies! Pff, easy, right…?

2. You could skip class

Up until now, you had mandatory attendance on every subject — your biggest nightmare. But not anymore! Now you can regularly skip class!

While you certainly can, your Uni lectures are apparently taught at the speed of light and if you look away for just a second, you’re on a totally different planet: the Failing Class planet, that is.

3. Cramming for exams was over

Okay, you knew you still needed to study hard, but since you would enjoy the subjects now, it wouldn’t hurt! Right?


4. Straight As would be a given

This was your year. You were finally going to have the best grades and make your parents really proud.

Now? Well… simply passing is already a huge accomplishment.

5. Homework? What homework?

You thought teachers stopped giving homework once you got to Uni, but apparently a lot of them like to “recommend” exercises.

Well, Facebook also recommended a few parties. Obvious choice.

6. Living with my best friend? Sign me up!

Turns out your new college best friend wasn’t as fun (and clean) as you thought…

7. You’d move out of your parents’ house and be independent

Reality: apparently, you don’t even have the basic skills to keep you alive.

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8. You were going to meet interesting people

If you count the fact that your roommate holds a beer-drinking record as interesting, this one is technically still true.

9. You were going to find your passion

When you were little you wanted to become a football player or a ballerina. In high school, you had no idea what you wanted to do in the future. University was going to be your turning point. You were going to discover what you were truly born to do!

Well, at least you’re trying to.

10. You would seriously upgrade your partying skills

We’re pretty sure reality matched the expectation on this particular topic.

Going to university surely has a lot of twists and turns, but overall we can all agree they are indeed the best years of our lives.

Thank you for reading this post! What other expectations were trumped by University? Comment below to let us know.

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