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Uniplaces Finds Your Student Room Then Helps You Pack

Uniplaces Finds Your Student Room Then Helps You Pack

Uniplaces student shipping

Have you heard of Uni Baggage?  They’re the most important name out there when you’re thinking of moving. When you need student shipping, you give them all the stuff that’s too heavy to carry on your lowcost flight and they get it shipped for you. From London to Sydney and anywhere in between, Uni Baggage delivers all over the world, no matter how near or how far.

According to wikipedia they are a ” low cost delivery network for students”. But considering they made the news for offering to fly students to their new university on a private jet we say that they are a little bit more than that. They’re experts in shipping student stuff. They know how to make all those textbooks get home after a long year just sitting on your shelf.

Packing student shipping
On the checklist: 3 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 12 pairs of underwear, 1 cat…

And (if my maths are correct  – which they rarely are!) they’ve gone around the world over 320 times carrying all the mementos you couldn’t separate yourself from, and the clothes you need to go clubbing and running shoes and posters and everything else we just can’t live without. Basically? We think they’re cool.

We’ve partnered with Uni Baggage so that they’re not just helping tens of thousands of random international students. We want to help OUR students – that’s you guys – and Uni Baggage said they’d be happy to.

So they’re offering you door-to-door delivery and full online tracking. It’s not the private jet ride, we know. But: using the promocode UNIPLACES5 you’ll get a special discount for your shipping.

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Are you going to use this opportunity to get some cheap student shipping? We definitely would if we were you.
Oh! By the way, if you need to find or book affordable student accommodation, you know that you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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