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How to Make the Most of Your Time at University

How to Make the Most of Your Time at University

University’s freshman year is full of crazy moments with little time to rest. In a blink of an eye you realise you’re almost graduating and that maybe you should have been doing more than just partying. Worry no more! We are here to help.

Here is a checklist with the “musts” on how to make the most of your time at university while getting ready for the next stage in your life — entering the job market:

1. Understand what the existent sub-areas within your general field of studies are and how they are evolving in today’s world (just Google it).

2. The day has 24 hours. You only need 8 hours to sleep, which leaves you with 16 hours  left for other activities. Plan your day accordingly; procrastination is overrated!

3. If you’re going to study abroad in a new city, make sure you get to know it. Ask your colleagues about the places where university students hang out the most. A tip of advice: the older students — the ones who have been in the university long enough to do every degree on campus — are the ones who usually know the coolest places. After all, they’ve been there the longest.

4. List the existing learning opportunities outside classrooms, adding pros and cons for each one. Choose which ones you would like to dedicate yourself to and start trying them (e.g. part-time internships, student associations, conferences, networking events,  brand ambassador programmes, workshops, boot camps).

5. Start evaluating your growth. Be patient and allow the needed time to start noticing personal growth. Jump to other opportunities when you are no longer growing or when you find a new opportunity you can grow with.

6. While following all of the previous points, try getting to know and bonding with your colleagues and leave some time to party like a freshman deserves. Of course this list includes partying!

fly to the crowd

7. Learn new skills online to complement what you learn in the classroom; as we all know, university only gives you the basis. There are several platforms you can use such as CourseraUdemyLynda and others that you may find more adapted to your field of studies.

8. Create a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated to better connect with your industry’s experts and companies. Wondering what to add to your profile since you’re still a freshman? Just add your education background and be transparent, saying that you are looking to connect with others to learn and design your career path.

9. Connect with your coolest and most insightful professors. They should be the ones interested in teaching you. Try to learn all you can from them, especially if you’re interested in the subject and the teacher is approachable.

10. Date! Everybody needs love. Just don’t spend your entire day on Tinder. It will improve your time management skills, sales skills, and also your self-confidence. Tip: don’t do it only for these reasons, otherwise you will have a lot more disadvantages than advantages.

11. Build your own thing. Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to be profitable. It can be a blog or an event, but just something to experiment all of the aspects of having something built by you. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!


12. Book your bedroom/home with Uniplaces, to live with people from different countries. This will allow you to practice different languages and basically have an international experience in your home city.

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13. Do Erasmus to get to know completely different cultures, places, mindsets, and even drinks. Still unsure of whether you should go on this epic adventure? Our 5 simple reasons of why you should go on Erasmus will certainly change your mind.

14. Travel through low-cost airlines and by train to get to know other places and connect with locals. Spend the minimum amount of money possible to be able to travel to more places, and to feel the country’s culture more intensely.

15. In case you’re not a developer, learn at least the basics of programming languages or how to prosper on the internet. This will give you an insight on how the different technologies work and contribute to your industry. Keep in mind: every industry’s future will be digital.

16. Be curious but patient, humble but crazy, grateful for what you have but hungry for more.

We hope that by following this checklist you will understand what your strengths are and what you want to do after university while enjoying what these times have to offer. Keep in mind one final advice: don’t live by the book and create your own path!

Thanks for reading this post!

Have any other tip on how to make the most out of your years at university? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation in Europe, you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on Uniplaces.

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