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The Best Graduation Ceremonies in the World

The Best Graduation Ceremonies in the World

Graduation Ceremonies

At the end of every school year, a massive event in students’ careers takes place: Graduation Ceremony. This celebration marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new reality for many students – the professional environment.

Everyone knows what a typical American graduation looks like, right? After all, we did all watch those cringy teenage movies on a Sunday afternoon at some point. But do you know what other graduation traditions there are around the world? Here are some of the very best ones:

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Every student admitted to the University of Coimbra is given a ribbon (fita) in a colour that represents their field of study. Then, on the year they finish their degree, on a Thursday night in May, they all burn their fitas to mark the end of their course and the beginning of the Queima das Fitas festivities. This tradition goes back several centuries and is one of the oldest student traditions. It has since been adopted by many other Portuguese universities.

This tradition goes back several centuries and is one of the oldest student traditions around the world. It has since been adopted by many other Portuguese universities.

Kanazawa College of Art, Japan

Oh, Japan! You and your silly (awesome) costumes! Students at Kanazawa College of Art can come dressed up (or down) as whatever they feel like to their graduation. Obviously, Japan being Japan means the best anime cosplays.. maybe with some Hentai mixed in ?

The U.S. Air Force Academy, USA

This isn’t the ordinary American graduation: it’s US Air Force’s! Hosted at the Colorado Springs, this ceremony has it all – it even has jet flybys! Go big or go home, right?

Oxbridge, UK

Of course the universities of Oxford and Cambridge have to have the classiest of graduations! Students have to wear the traditional subfusc and a fur-lined cape, while the ceremony itself is partly held in Latin – what else?

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Right about a month before their actual graduation, Norwegian students, called the Russ, start the russefeiring. This consists of dressing up in overalls representing the colour of your field of study and participating in all sorts of pledges – some crazier than others. But that’s not all…

Students also group up to buy a massive bus, which they install a massive sound system in and then decorate it to compete for the “Best Bus” and “Best Sound System” awards of the year.

University of Padua, Italy

In Padua, as in most of the rest of Italy, graduation ceremony means one thing, and that thing only: a chance for a nice, public humiliation. Graduates are ridiculed, dressed up and caricatured by their friends and family – always with a great atmosphere of fun and games!

Sorbonne University, France

Black dress, gowns and mortar, students marching up onto the podium when their names get called out with friends and family cheering them on.

Okay, this one just sounds like a normal graduation, but it means a lot in France, where they’re trying to revive this tradition after the events of May 1968. We just wanted to show you that not every single graduation is incredibly awesome, but instead deeply meaningful.

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US Naval Academy, USA

You know the typical “let’s all throw our hats up into the air” graduation tradition? This is where it started; right here at the US Naval Academy. In 1912, the Navy handed out a set of hats unique to the graduation ceremony. As students would no longer be needing said hats, they chucked them up in the air in joy. The tradition soon caught on and is now common practice at most graduation ceremonies.

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