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You Should Become a Student Nomad

You Should Become a Student Nomad

Join the student nomad movement

Joining the Student Nomad movement, taking that leap of faith and diving into the unknown, exploring what’s outside of your comfort zone – this is what studying abroad gives you:

Student Nomad: You'll be happier.
Much, much happier.

Happiness is the driving force behind our every decision. Bottom line is: studying abroad makes you happier. It gives you a mix of of short-term, quick-gain happiness (the kind you get purchasing new clothes, having sex, good food and so on) and the harder, but longer-lasting happiness (the kind you get from undertaking charity work, completing school, saving up money).


Student Nomad: You'll live brand new experiences

I recently coined the phrase ‘memory millionaire’: people who are rich in memories and experiences. Studying abroad provides you with memories and stories to last a lifetime. Your brilliant times spent with new friends around the world truly enjoying yourself and being immersed in new experiences and culture – that’s the kind of memory you’ll hold onto, even when life tries to get you down.


Student Nomad: You'll hone your social skills

Being in contact with people of new cultures develops skills you cannot be taught at school. Being able to connect with anyone is one of life’s greatest skills. Humans are programmed to socialise and if you become better at it it will reflect brilliantly on your life.


Student Nomad: You'll network like a pro

People don’t seem to realise that creating more opportunities for yourself leads to greater success. If you have a large network of people from around the world, you have a huge number of opportunities. Whether it’s somebody who can put you in contact with your dream employer, or give you a roof over your head as you travel the world. 
People want to help other people they know.

That’s why I always say to myself, every person you speak to is an opportunity.


Student Nomad: ... and make incredible friendships

The amount of people you meet studying abroad is incredible. Everybody is in the same situation as you, looking to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. With that, it is super easy to build friendships. Some may last longer than the study abroad experience itself, others don’t and that’s okay, because either way you come out the other side having met people, shared adventures, and gained new perspectives.


Student Nomad: You'll be more confident

Studying in an unfamiliar location has specific challenges. As you overcome them on a daily basis, you’ll become more and more confident. True self confidence comes about by being able to understand yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and so on. Really accepting just who and what you are, and really using this to your advantage in all aspects of your life. It could really change and improve your life.


Student Nomad: You'll think differently

Creativity is just a way of thinking differently. It’s a way to open your mind and use your brain in different ways, encouraging thought-provoking ideas and solving challenges. Studying abroad, I feel that you are forced to open your mind to so many different outlets: from deciphering what is being said in another language, to solving problems, interacting with other students and many more.

You will begin to realise that through this experience you begin to work your thoughts in a new light, opening up new avenues and ideas. This translates extremely well in a working environment, which is why employers value the time you have spent abroad.


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Student Nomad: You'll learn about the world

Being abroad, you learn about other cultures, meet new people, see new places and live a different reality. In school, you’ll acquire information that you might not have access to at home.


Student Nomad: ... and you'll learn more about yourself

What happens to us over these years really does mould us into what adult we will become. It’s a unique age and opportunity to understand yourself, your wants, and your needs.

You are at an age where you can take risks: you have the time and the opportunity.

Why not take it?

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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