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8 Insider Facts For International Students

8 Insider Facts For International Students

EAIE Glasgow 2015

Last month, the largest higher education conference in the world was held in Glasgow. At EAIE Glasgow, Uniplaces met with several international education experts and came up with a list of 8 insider facts for international students. Here’s what every student going abroad should know:


Uniplaces at EAIE 2015

1. What are the countries with the happiest international students?

According to the latest research from StudyPortals, Ireland  leads the way in international student satisfaction, followed by Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. What about the happiest international students? Those would be the ones from Italy, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and France. Che bello!

2. Look out for scholarships you may be eligible for

StudyPortals' Global Study Awards

If you’re starting your studies in Spring 2016, don’t forget to apply for any scholarships you are eligible for. It’s always worth a try! One of the best scholarships for international students out there is: The Global Study Awards. Get up to £10,000 and expand your horizons to study abroad wherever you want!

3. International students are agents for change

Times Higher Education gathered student and university representatives to debate about the added value of international students and the benefit they bring to the local environments. Participants and many of the panel members agreed that students should be looked at as agents of change, not just as simple revenue generation. Do you consider yourself a cash cow or an agent for change?

4. Erasmus+ Linguistic Support (OLS)

The new Erasmus+ program Languages tool helps students looking to move abroad to perform a pre-assessment of the language their destination country speaks and give them the chance to get a free course for learning it. Visit the Online Linguistic Support website to learn more.

5. There are several opportunities for an international programme

Do you know how many opportunities you have for studying in another country? At least 3 during your bachelor and master’s with Erasmus+, but you can also  study abroad for your PhD with the Marie Curie programme, and even for starting up your business with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

6. You should know about ESAA

A new student association called Erasmus Plus Student and Alumni Association was launched in June 2015. ESAA is gathering the Erasmus Students Network, the GaragErasmus Foundation, the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association and OCEANS to create a common platform for students under the Erasmus Plus programme.

7. Europe is creating global citizens and increasing employability

Once you finish your year abroad and graduate you will soon start looking for jobs. Did you know about the new Check-in Europe platform? At EAIE Glasgow, the GaragErasmus Foundation launched the brand new professional network and online platform for international graduates and students.

8. Accommodation influences your academic performance

The Uniplaces Stand

See Also

At EAIE Glasgow, Uniplaces attended the workshop highlighting the importance of student accommodation and living conditions in students’ academic success. Do you think there is a link?

One of the talks at EAIE 2015

The annual Conference of The Class of 2020 in Amsterdam will take place in November.

For more information you can look at ESN Guidebook to prepare your year abroad. You can also visit EAIE blog for more details here.

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