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7 Best Websites to Take Free Online Courses

7 Best Websites to Take Free Online Courses


Nowadays there are plenty of ways to learn new skills, and there is no better place for it than the Internet. Is learning online — and for free — your kind of thing? Then this post is for you! We’ve gathered 7 websites where you can take free online courses and learn a range of new skills. From taking a course created by Harvard or getting a certificate from Google to learning how to code, everything is possible with these websites.

1. edX

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend Harvard or MIT? With edX, you actually can. The website was founded by these two universities to allow global access to a quality education by connecting students and universities from around the globe. You can sign up to over 1,300 subjects!


2. Udacity

Are you all about technology? Then Udacity is perfect for you! This website offers courses related to data analytics, machine learning, software engineering, web development, and even virtual reality. The cherry on top of the cake: the courses are given in collaboration with dozens of successful companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google!


3. Code Academy

Do you know as much about coding as an engineering student knows about arts? Well, on Code Academy you will find that anyone can learn how to code. There are courses for everyone: from starters to advanced learners. They are divided into five categories, including web development (like HTML, CSS, Java) and languages (such as Ruby and Python). Become the next Mr. Robot with these step-by-step courses!


4. Alison

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Are you “too much” of a learner and want to learn about a wide range of subjects? Check Alison — you’ll find over 800 free online courses, in partnership with great institutions that vary from universities, such as the University of Cambridge, to companies like Microsoft.


5. Google: Digital Garage, Analytics Academy and Academy for Ads

Google and marketing — did we just see a smile after reading these two words? Then the tech giant’s courses are perfect for you. Google plays a major role concerning digital marketing, and they’ve created platforms to help you learn how to get the most out of their own tools.


Digital Garage has free online tutorials about 23 different topics, such as “building your web presence” or “deep dive into social media”. Analytics Academy and Academy for Ads offer lessons in those specific subjects. You can get a certificate at the end of every course —  yes, you can get a certificate from Google itself!

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6. Creative Line

Is creative your middle name? Stop everything you’re doing and go to Creative Line to start watching one of their broadcasts for free. To have access to classes and bonus materials anytime you want, you’ll have to actually buy classes, but on their five channels they have live classes going on 24/7. The five channels cover photo and video, art and design, craft and maker, and money and life. Already excited? Run to the platform, check the upcoming free online courses that interest you, and write them down on your schedule!

creative lifes

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an ONG created in 2006 by Salman Khan, and provides lectures from a wide range of subjects, but is especially focused on maths. If the subject has always been at the centre of your nightmares but you want to take another shot, there are levels as early as kindergarten! If you’re a maths whiz wanting to take an exam like the GMAT, this platform also offers classes that prepare you for it. Good luck to all!


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Which of these free online courses are you most excited to try out? Let us know your favourite in the comments. And remember: if you’re looking for student accommodation in Europe, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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