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50 TED Talks Every Student Should Watch Before Graduation (Part 1)

50 TED Talks Every Student Should Watch Before Graduation (Part 1)

TED talks for students

From Steve Jobs’ Stanford address to Tony Robbins high-fiving Al Gore. These inspiring TED talks for students will change your perspective of the world.

1. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others


From TED’s Best of the Web series comes an inspiring talk by Viktor Frankl – a psychiatrist, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor. Watch as he explains youth’s quest for “meaning”.

2. Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time

Students aren’t usually known for their excellent time management skills, but Philip Zimbardo’s talk looks into how they can improve their productivity by looking at their past, present and future.

3. Ben Kacyra: Ancient wonders captured in 3D

Ben Kacyra’s groundbreaking 3D scanner has come up with visual models of Babylon, Pompeii and many other extinct cities. But Ben shows off how this exciting technology can be used for much more academic purposes.

4. Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge

India’s Riverside School is empowering its students so that they promote positivity in their community themselves. Listen to Kiran Bir Sethi explain how they’re achieving this.

5. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

Most of you have seen this one by now. But nonetheless, it is one of the most inspiring addresses ever, and well worth another watch.

6. Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity

Charlie Todd on how participatory displays of humor and absurdity encourage interpersonal connections, and promote the importance of smiles and laughter in life.

7. Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

A subject close to every students’ heart, procrastination! Tim talks about YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window.

8. Angélica Dass: The beauty of human skin in every color

You’ll meet students from all walks of life at university, so watch Angélica’s TED talk which challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity.

9. JR’s TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

French street artist JR depicts social issues through his works, which portray the faces of the poor.

10. Shukla Bose: Teaching one child at a time

Shukla Bose’s Parikrma Humanity Foundation goes deep into India’s poorest neighbourhoods and provides children with the educational opportunities that they deserve.

11. Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life

Find out how pixar’s director of photography uses math, science and code in creating movie faves like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, WALL-E and more.

12. Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

Richard Wilkinson presents his research regarding relationships between equality, health, happiness, and finances. Money isn’t always what matters!

13. Sunitha Krishnan fights sex slavery

A former sex slave opens up about her terrifying past with the hope that people around the world find effective ways to heal the trauma her and many others are subjected to.

14. Mother and daughter doctor-heroes: Hawa Abdi + Deqo Mohamed

This inspiring duo helps Somali refugees with pharmaceutical medicine and education, creating a friendly environment in an otherwise war-torn country.

15. Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity

Larry Lessig’s TED Talk shows how American legislation discourages the creativity and innovation of its citizens.

16. Paul Lewis: Crowdsourcing the news

Students wanting to know what’s going on in their own neighbourhoods should listen carefully to Paul Lewis’ talk. It could have a big effect on their life.

17. Dean Ornish on the world’s killer diet

To try and overturn the world’s trend for fatal heart problems, Dean Ornish makes a point about how important it is for schools to make the right choices when it comes to students’ nutrition.

18. Christien Meindertsma: How pig parts make the world turn

How integral is to our living are pigs, really? Most people aren’t actually aware of how much pig parts take a part in today’s society.

19. David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralag: “Beach Bodies”

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David Fasanya and Gabriel Barralag give us a great reflection on self-image: “I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get this beach body…”

20. William Gurstelle: A call to invention

Tinkerer William Gurstelle shows off all the little things you can make out of everyday items.

21. Robert Full: Curiosity, discovery and gecko feet

Robert Full tells the story about a college student who solved the mystery of how geckos actually stick to walls and trees. *SPOILER ALERT* – It’s something to do with their toes.

22. Maurice Ashley: Working backwards to solve a problem

Maurice Ashley, a chess grandmaster, shares a method he used to improve his game. It’s a bit like starting a maze puzzle from the centre.. but it can easily be applied to anyone’s life!

23. Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca watches YouTube videos for a living, so he knows all about what makes them go viral. In this talk, he shares his insights and breaks them down into four factors.

24. Katherine Kuchenbecher: The technology of touch

Katherine Kuchenbecher shares why she thinks touch-based experiences are the future of our technology. She obviously doesn’t mean just touch screens – imagine being able to feel a fabric before you buy something online.

25. Carvens Lissaint: “Put the Financial Aid in the Bag”

Performance artist Carvens Lissaint explains why education should be more affordable, but does it in style!

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