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5 Quirky Jobs that Student Life Prepares You For

5 Quirky Jobs that Student Life Prepares You For

Students are always getting a bad rep. We’re told University is no longer as hard and prestigious as it was in the time of Isaac Newton, that enjoying a drink or two or five before a night out isn’t smart budgeting or even that whipping up a nutritious instant noodle doesn’t really count as experimenting with international cuisine (- as if tantalising your palette with the succulent eastern flavours of Bombay Bad Boy, isn’t cultured!)

No matter what it is we do, it seems that alumni bigwigs need to highlight that post-university life is difficult, will be a struggle in the contemporary weak job market and that work experience is the only way to ensure that you’re employable.

However, time and time again we’re also reassured that it’s the the time we spend at university embracing student life that will prepare us for the realities of adulthood, more so than the (expensive) education that we’re receiving.

Frightening figures such as 83 prospective applicant for each graduate role are donned by the media too frequently, and while it is important to note that what we choose to do with all the ‘‘free time” we’re afforded is what will help us stand out against our competition, the life-experiences that we are granted as students is too often overlooked.

So putting that theory to the test, your friends here at Uniplaces have found five of the quirkiest jobs that student life immediately prepares you for, so upon graduation when you throw that hat up in the air and cheer, you can rest assured and smile a big ‘ol grin knowing that there are a few fun ways to pay the bills:

1. Professional Bed Warmer

Yes, you read that correctly. Some international hotel chains will employ professional bed warmers to ensure that their cherished clients are always welcomed to a warm and cozy bed. According to the research backing this innovative venture, “plenty of scientific evidence shows that sleep starts at the beginning of the night when body temperature starts to drop…. a warm bed is a good way to start this process, whereas a cold bed would inhibit sleep.”

So there you have it. Ingenious. And with the 3 years + of lie-ins and bed-day experience that every new graduate takes with them along with their degrees, we can all get some shut eye and count the shekels.


Disclaimer: animals are not available for this service. All beds will be warmed by willing, snuggle-skilled, proficient human beings.

2. Professional Queuer

Time is money, especially if you’re a professional queuer whose 9-5 consists of standing in line as a substitute for someone who would rather part with their tenners than their time. So if you have the talent to stand for great lengths of time on end, then this could be for you.

It’s rumoured first few people queuing for the iPhone 6 outside Regent Street were professional queuers who receive over £1,000 for their pole positions -so think about that next time you’re waiting in line at the bar during happy hour or queuing for the club.


3. Waterslide Tester

Want a job that lets you travel? Then look no further. Prioritising how to have fun is one thing that any university experience will prepare you for, and this what some hospitality companies look for when trying to hire candidates to become Waterslide Testers for their multinational resorts.

The ability to brag about the experience on social media is also a bonus, so if you want to travel to different countries, are able to rate on scale a level of “splash factor” and describe the kind of adrenaline rush you felt throughout the experience, then get your swimmers ready and substitute the rat race for a dash and splash in sun-drenched settings.


4. London Dungeons Actor

While the “dog ate my homework” oldie-but-goodie still seems to spring up at university to justify a failure to hand in an assignment on time, it’s fair to say that as we progress through the education system, our excuses also become more callously convincing. From being held at gunpoint on a trip to Colombia, to grieving the loss of a phony relative, as we age we become much more expressive and animated in our performances.

The hours we’ve spent rehearsing our scripts and cry-cues have prepared us to seek employment at one of the UK’s premier tourist attractions: London Dungeons.

The interactive experience needs the likes of Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd to scare each and every passer-by and visitor, so if you feel like tapping into all the experience you had dressing up on themed student club nights, and brushing up on those skills you used on your lectures to persuade them not to fail you, head to London.

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5. Pet Food Taster

We started this blog post talking about instant noodle, and while you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it, a lot of student life does involve consuming questionable food choices.

There’s now an App job for that! If you have an appetite for adventure and want a taster of an unconventional career, consider becoming a Pet Food Tester.

Although it sounds hard to digest, to meet the quality and standards that premium pet food brands must ensure, they need to make sure that their products are also fit for human consumption – and that means hire willing participants to dip their paws into their Fido’s favourite fodder. Rating the smell and determining whether there is a balance of flavours are all that’s required, so if you’re game for some game, say chow to an ordinary job and explore the alternative options open to you!


So there you have it, 5 quirky jobs that the university experience has totally prepared you for, without you knowing it.

Thanks for reading this post!

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