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5 Apps For Students That Make Communication Easier

5 Apps For Students That Make Communication Easier

Living abroad and seeing the world in general is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, discover diverse cultures and learn so much about yourself and those around you. You’re absorbing a whole new way of life and getting caught up in the moment, seeing the sights and having major life-changing experiences. But hey, what about those at home?

The friends you’ve left behind, those nosey siblings and of course, the worried parents? Keeping in touch with them and ensuring they are kept in the loop while giving yourself peace of mind and a connection to the homeland is vital. Fortunately, it’s 2015 and no matter where you are in the world, feeling connected is easier than ever, is cost-effective and totally manageable.

While 100’s of apps have been designed to make communication, travel and general day to day living easier while apart, surely some are more useful than others? Below is a list of 5 of the apps that need to be top of your list as you embark on adventures abroad.

1. WhatsApp

whatsapp app for students

You’re probably on it, know how it works and have used it in the past. Sure, it’s obvious but using it in specific ways is what will make it more worthwhile. You know that group of friends scattered across different cities who you’d like to catch up with more? Yeah, them. Why not add them to a WhatsApp group? What’s more, why not add a funky memorable name, photo and focus to get the ball rolling? Request that each friend join the group and post on a certain day. Share the photos, the fun and of course, the fluffy “I miss you” comments. They’ll go down well, promise.

2. Avocado

Avocado app for students

Long distance relationships are SUPER common and they’re challenging. Being away from your other half doesn’t have to be so hard. Communication is key in this relationship more than any other. In this case, Avocado is here to save the day. The app is designed specifically for couples to share plans, anniversaries, thoughts of love and is designed for two only. You even share a password JUST for you and it syncs with Google calendar. It’s true, they’ve thought of everything.

3. Wifi Finder

5 apps for students

What if you need to connect to a wifi network asap and can’t figure out where to go? Wifi Finder will scan for wifi spots around you with the click of a button. This means there’s no need to run frantically around cafes looking for the wifi sticker on their windows. It works all over the world so there’s no need to worry about making that Skype appointment on time!

4. Google Hangouts

google hangouts app

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Sure, you could use Skype and it is indeed a fantastic and useful app but what about the slightly better and more exciting one? Google Hangouts has the cool feature of flashing over to the person who’s doing the talking making it more like a real-life in-person conversation. If there’s more than two people on the call, why, it only gets more fun. It’s also super easy to use!

5. Memoirs

memeoirs app for students

Chats and more chats everywhere. It’s likely that, if you’ve been away for a while then you’ve built up quite a few chats with those you love. They may be on Facebook, WhatsApp or if you’ve been feeling old-school, on your Email account! Memeoirs web application allows users to make digital or printed books of online conversations. Whether you’ve been exchanging cute anecdotes with your sister on Facebook chat or sending selfies to the Uni WhatsApp group, preserving them in a special way will make them so much more valuable.

Whatever resources you use to make your stay more fun, interesting and organised, be sure to stay consistent in what you’re doing. That means knowing what works for you and your relationships while having tactics in place to manage communication with those that matter most.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
What did you think about our list of 5 apps for students that will make communication easier? Are these the best apps for students that you know? Just drop us a line in the comment section below!
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