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Here Are the Winners of the Uniplaces Scholarship 2017!

Here Are the Winners of the Uniplaces Scholarship 2017!


The fourth edition of the Uniplaces Scholarship 2017 has come to an end. Over 1500 applicants from 158 different countries applied to win a rent-free semester by sharing an act of kindness. One of this year’s new features was the chance to easily see where the kindest students come from through our Map of Kindness. Click here to see it in more detail!


After a week of deliberations, our jury is ready to announce the winners. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the fantastic and kind winners of this year’s Uniplaces Scholarship, those who will live a rent-free semester:

Lucas in Brazil

Going to Universidade do Porto in Portugal

Lucas’s act of kindness: “Kindness generates kindness” is Lucas’s motto in life and it shines through his initiatives. Firstly, Lucas tutors young disadvantaged Brazilians in Portuguese language and writing. Secondly, he set up a YouTube channel Pensarolando dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences studying law, which has 1,800 subscribers.  Finally, he set up UFF, compartilha! a Facebook community to share study materials and resources.


Kafui in Ghana

Going to International Fashion Academy-IFA Paris in France


Kafui’s act of kindness: Using her knowledge and background as a fashion student, Kafui, partnered with Pervita Foundation to organise a charity fashion show for a local orphanage Power of Love Home in Tema, Ghana. Using profits from her own fashion label, House of Kendy to provide fabrics, Kafui also bought joy, empowerment and confidence to young children ages 6-13 years old. 


Geo in India

Going to Universite Paris Scalay in France


Geo’s act of kindness: Geo organised a series of successful workshops on social media and blogging, one of his many passions in life. The workshops were attended by over 200 fellow students. On top of this and his studies, Geo also found time to arrange employment training sessions with local businesses to help students at his university who were about to graduate.


Graziella in France

Going to MIP Politecnico di Milano in Italy


Graziella’s act of kindness: Along with 2 friends, Graziella opened the Students’ Shop in Nantes-France, a non-profit organization to support international (and national) students, new to the university, to furnish their students houses for cheap. They rely solely on donations from fellow students, the university and fundraising events. Télénantes reported on the Student Shop a couple years ago.


João in Brazil

Going to Universidad Politécnica de Valéncia in Spain

João’s act of kindness: After running study sessions with struggling students in Engineering, João created an award winning educational platform Engenharia Fácil, which provides study resources, theories and summaries, exercises and quizzes for fellow students at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Now 3 years old, Engenharia Fácil has reached an incredible 250 thousand students, from more than 150 colleges!


Beatriz in Brazil

Going to Université Lille 3 – Sciences Humaines et Sociales in France


Beatriz’s act of kindness: After finding out that Brazil was placed 88th place out of 127th on UNESCO’s Education for All Development Index, Beatriz became head of an entrepreneurship program for young children called Esag KidsAs well as developing their entrepreneurial knowledge, the program aims to build confidence, self-determination and provide real-life skills for children in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.


Enrique in Peru

Going to Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain

Enrique’s act of kindness: Enrique, a genetic science student, has always been a kind soul, from age 13, he began volunteering at local hospitals with children, the elderly and terminal patients. Now he is the Faculty Counselor at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, where his duties include supporting economically disadvantaged students.


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Philina in Germany

Going to Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany


Philina’s act of kindness: With a background in science, Philina volunteers at the Nakayale Private Academy in Namibia to lay the foundations of a medical study of the local children’s development specifically their gross and fine motor skills. She has also founded a sponsorship program called Build a Nest, Build a Future with the ASC Göttingens, a “godmother” program to sponsor a children through education at the academy.


Mario in Spain

Going to Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in Japan


Mario’s act of kindness: Mario and fellow university students had a desire to change the world, so they created a volunteer organization called Stages. Activities include providing food and drink for homeless locals, a big brother program to support local primary school classes and fundraising events. Stages encourages exchange students to participate to have a meaningful local experience in Pamplona.


André in Portugal

Going to Smith School of Business at Queens University in Canada


André’s act of kindness: In summer, André travelled to Milan, but not for a holiday, instead, he spent his time teaching English and basic IT skills to adult and teenage refugees. He was more than just a teacher but someone that they could call a friend, including to Ousman, a Gambian boy from who’s dream was to become a rapper.


As usual, thank you to all who applied and shared wonderful and moving acts of kindness with us. Have a great semester and be kind to one another!

Thanks for reading this post!

What would you do with your extra cash if you didn’t have to pay rent for an entire semester? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on Uniplaces.

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