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15 Chances To Live Rent-Free For a Semester!

15 Chances To Live Rent-Free For a Semester!

Uniplaces Scholarship 2016

You know all those good deeds you do? You know how they’re never acknowledged – not even a thank you. You know how sometimes you just wish karma would pay back its dues?

Well, to all you doers of good deeds, actors of good actions, now’s your time to shine!

Uniplaces Scholarship 2016

The Uniplaces Scholarship is karma knocking at your door! Oh no, no, no, it’s not knocking! It’s slamming through!

Being a good person can pay for your whole semester’s rent.

The criteria for applying for the Uniplaces Scholarship is very simple:

Help out an international student in your city, and share your story with us!

We’re on the lookout for creative, original applicants. And the more authentic an application is, the better – so you better not fake it! Obviously, an application that helps more people is probably better than one that helps just one, so get those karma points rolling!

Simple, right?

Uniplaces Scholarship 2016

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