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ESN Tips For Studying Abroad

ESN Tips For Studying Abroad

Do you think you know everything about studying abroad? Are you sure you don’t need any help, that you’re not missing something? ESN France is here to tell you how they can help you out throughout your Erasmus experience, so that you make sure you really are as prepared as you think you are. Just follow these ESN France tips for studying abroad.

1. Before you leave

ESN France tips for studying abroad: Before you leave

  • Find out what your host university can help you with, including your bank accounts, health insurance,  mobile phone and accommodation.
  • Don’t forget that Uniplaces is the easiest and safest way to find accommodation before you even leave home.
  • Remember that it’s always good to have your European Health Insurance Card with you, and that emergency numbers might not be the same in your host country, so look them up to be certain that you won’t be dialling the wrong number if something bad happens.

2. Explore your new city

ESN France tips for studying abroad: Explore your city

Once you get to your new city, don’t just hang around with everyone from your country.

  • Meet different people, people from different cultures!
  • Learn a new language, try out the local cuisine and bars, and visit the city’s museums.
  • See if you can download any apps that the locals use, be it to get around or for any other reason.
  • Join the local ESN – it makes it even easier to meet new people and know about all the parties.

3. Watch your finances

ESN France tips for studying abroad: Watch your finances

You obviously have to have loads of fun, and that costs money, but don’t be irresponsible.

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Just make sure you’re safe and that you have the time of your life. We know you will!!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.

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