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Uniplaces Officially One of Europe’s Best Employers!

Uniplaces Officially One of Europe’s Best Employers!

It is official: InternsGoPro have named Uniplaces one of Europe’s best Employers. We are Champions for Interns all over Europe and we’re proud as hell about it.

You may have heard of InternsGoPro before. They’re the guys fighting for better internships for the young people of Europe. They promote a new standard for internships that truly help students and graduates develop skills and get a job.

In other words: They want more young people getting hired. They want interns to get better work conditions, better training. They want to end the word internship being synonymous with cheap, meaningless labour. And you know what?

So do we.

We think students and recent graduates need more chances and better conditions. Companies all over the world need to start understanding this. At Uniplaces, everybody knows that they are listened to, respected and appreciated.

To prove the point, this is a short video where 3 Uniplacers explain to InternsGoPro what working at Uniplaces is like:

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InternsGoPro has recognised Uniplaces by giving us the “European Label for Quality Internships”, a crowdsourced and transparent  label that showcases the best employers for youth in all industries and for the whole of Europe. This new standard is supported by 20 NGO partners and endorsed by two European Commissioners. You can find our Uniplaces: Champions for Interns page here.

We are very, very proud of this. It is an honour and a great recognition.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
What do you think about this news? Uniplaces being rating one of the best employers in Europe is huge for us! Share us your thoughts in the comment section below.
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