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6 Ways to Stand Out in the Job Market as a University Student

6 Ways to Stand Out in the Job Market as a University Student

We get it. You just started university and already everyone is telling you that you must do a hundred different things to reach your ultimate goal: finding your first job. If you don’t, you’ll live a graduate’s worst nightmare: being just like every other candidate and not being able to stand out from the crowd in the job market.

Here at Uniplaces, we believe that everyone is different and has their own strong suits. However, you have to learn to make the most out of them, and to be able to adequately show them off on your CV and talk about them in your interviews.

Here are a couple of tips related to things you can do while you’re at university to stand out in the job market and make the next step in your life a little bit easier:

1. Play Sports

This is one of the best ones. It’s fun, it doesn’t involve working or studying, and it makes you look pretty good during a job interview to say how being on the football team taught you responsibility, time management, and especially teamwork.

2. Have International Experience

Whether it’s Erasmus, doing your whole bachelor in a different country, or even volunteering in a different country for an entire summer, international experience is not only fun: it matters to a recruiter.

International experience means you have an open mind, that you’ve worked with very different people, and probably that you’re fluent in a second language.

Just make sure you don’t forget to pack all of your experiences in your suitcase and CV.

3. Get a Part-time Job

Getting a part-time job is cool because you can make money; simple. However, it is also good when you leave uni and want to start working in your own field, because it shows resilience and that you have a great sense of responsibility and time management skills.

4. Be a Brand Ambassador

Being a brand ambassador is much like having a part-time job, only cooler. Programmes like the Uniplaces Ambassador Programme are an easy way into the job market.

They usually include you in teams with other students, and even with full-time employees, providing an amazing learning experience, as well as a huge networking opportunities.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering is great for both your CV and yourself. There are likely few better feelings than helping others. Whether you volunteer to collect food for those in need or to teach small children who are struggling with school, this one will not only fulfill you, but truly develop the way you are as a person.

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6. Join an Association in your University

Most universities have a handful of associations you can join. This really depends on the country, but whether it’s a student’s representation association, a junior entreprise or even a movie club, it shows that you have some experience in teamwork, team leadership, and even some more specific abilities like designing or coding, if you have helped with the association’s website.


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