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The 15 Coolest Student Residences in the World

The 15 Coolest Student Residences in the World

Shoebox-rooms and halls of residence that look like prisons are a thing of the past. There have been some awesome student residences built in the last few years. Check out our list of the 15 coolest student residences in the world:

1. Collegiate (Lisbon, Portugal)collegiate-marques-pombal

Even though Collegiate Marquês de Pombal only started accepting students in January 2018, it quickly became the best student residence in Lisbon. Among many other perks, the luxury student residence has a 24/7 concierge, swimming pool and sauna, private fitness suite, a library, and an on-site cinema — right in the heart of Lisbon.

2. Tietgenkollegiet (Copenhagen, Denmark)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Tietgenkollegiet

The Tietgen Residence Hall aims to foster a lively community thanks to its circular shape. The residence houses 400 students, and there is a kitchen for every 12 rooms — further cultivating the sense of community.

3. Chapter Living – Spitalfields (London, UK)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Prodigy Living Spitalfields

Right in the heart of London, this residence in Spitalfields is the perfect place to experience London at its fullest. Close to several universities, the residence is also near the artsy hotspot of Shoreditch, where there is always something cool going on.

4. Casa dell’Accademia (Mendrisio, Switzerland)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Casa dell'Accademia

Up in the Swiss Alps, this residence probably has one of the best views in the world. Housing up to 72 students attending Mendrisio’s Academy of Architecture, it only makes sense that every single detail of the symmetrical buildings is carefully thought out.

5. Cité a Docks (Le Havre, France)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Cité a Docks

How does living in a block of shipping containers sound? Just take a look at this student residence in France and tell us it isn’t a lot cooler than you thought! Each of its 100 containers is its own studio, and there’s always plenty of light shining through.

6. Spacebox (Utrecht, Netherlands)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Spacebox

Similar to the Cité a Docks, Utrecht’s Spacebox is a residence that comes in a rainbow of colours. There are over 300 units around the University of Utrecht’s campus grounds, as well as several leisure rooms and sports facilities — all following the Spacebox’s colourful theme.

7. Basket Apartments (Paris, France)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Basket Apartments

Another innovative idea for student housing coming from France: the Basket Apartments. On the edge of Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement, this residence’s design resembles that of a wooden basket. There are 192 studios — all of which have a balcony — and getting to the centre of Paris couldn’t be easier: the Metro stops right outside!

8. Paris Gardens (London, UK)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Paris Gardens

This residence in Waterloo is as luxurious as it gets. Boasting a rooftop terrace with a view of the London Eye, you won’t find any student accommodation better than this in the UK.

9. Simmons Hall – MIT (Cambridge, USA)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Simmons Hall

Just by looking at Simmons Hall you can tell how awesome it must be to live here. There are several other cool residences across MIT’s campus grounds, but this one is truly unique. It really does have everything you need for guaranteed fun: a ball pit and a scooter hockey field…

10. Willow Street Residence Hall (New Orleans, USA)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Willow Street Residences

Tulane University’s Willow Street Residences can house up to 318 students in four separate buildings. It was built on the site of New Orleans’ old Sugar Bowl Stadium, and these halls of residence have been created to bring back the collegiate spirit to the area. Of course, being in New Orleans, you can always count on the city’s jazzy vibe to ensure you will have fun at all times.

11. Taliesin Shelters (Scottsdale, USA)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Taliesin Shelters

Ok, this one is a bit out there… literally. Students enrolled at Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture get to build their own shelter out in the Sonoran desert. This follows Frank Lloyd Wright’s “learn through experience” approach, where students learn to understand how the environment affects the structures they design, and strive for them to be at one with nature.

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12. DOORM (Lisbon, Portugal)

15 coolest student residences in the world - DOORM

Another student residence in the centre of Lisbon, DOORM will guarantee you a great time whilst studying in the city. Everything you need, they have it: a gym, study room with Macs, outdoor areas, storage, everything. It even has some quirky perks like daily fresh bread delivery. The best part, though, is how close it is to Lisbon’s Bica and Bairro Alto — the heart of the capital’s student nightlife.

13. Residencia Galdós (Madrid, Spain)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Residencia Galdós

Right on the edge of the Ciudad Universitaria of Madrid, the Residencia Galdós is the best place for students to stay in the Spanish capital. Up to 370 students can stay at Galdós, and we’re sure that each and every one of them will have the time of their life in this accommodation.

14. Olympic Village (Munich, Germany)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Olympic Village

Yes, Munich’s Olympic Village is now a dedicated neighbourhood for student housing. How cool is that? You might think that it’s old, but everything is brand new. Due to its aging conditions, the entire village was torn down and rebuilt between 2007-09, and is now a modern hub for the city’s students. There are over 1800 apartments in the Olympic Village, so there really is a great sense of an immense community, where everyone is a student.

15. Camplus Turro (Milan, Italy)

15 coolest student residences in the world - Camplus Turro

Milan’s Camplus Turro can host up to 165 students, all of which can get to university very swiftly thanks to the metro station right by the the residence. You can relax and study in the internal garden or go for a run in the nearby Parco della Martesana. One thing is certain: you’ll have a great experience if you stay here while studying in Milan.

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