Universities in Valencia: an international students' guide

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Valencia is a global city with 6 universities that welcomes nearly 4,000 international students every year. If you’re going to be one of the many Erasmus Valencia students next year, you’ll want to check out this quick guide to all of the Universities in Valencia.

Universitat de Valencia (UV)

Universities in Valencia: Universitat de Valencia

A famous façade of Universitat de Valencia, the largest of all the universities in Valencia

The Universitat de Valencia is more than 500 years old, making it one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is a world class university, and one of the best universities in Spain. Of all the universities in Valencia, it has the most students: 55,000. Some of its courses are taught in English, which is great for Erasmus Valencia students and other internationals! This is Universitat Valencia’s website.

Universitat Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

Universities in Valencia: Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

The modern UPV trains some of the most promising architecture and science students in Spain

The Universitat Politécnica de Valencia focusses on science and technology, even though it has Fine Arts and Business departments. It has five different campuses (but three of them are out of town). Famously, this is where the great Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava got his degree. This is the guy that designed the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub and a number of other, cool and futuristic buildings (including the Gare do Oriente, in Lisbon). This is the link to Universitat Politécnica de Valencia.

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV)

Universities in Valencia: Universidad Catolica de Valencia

The Universidad Catolica de Valencia is a private, catholic university

One of the most recent universities in Valencia, the Católica de Valencia is only 11 years old. It has around 6,500 students and 500 staff members. It’s a private and, as the name implies, is a catholic university. It’s campus is in the old town, very close the botanic gardens and to the Túria metro station. You can check out Universidad Católica de Valencia’s website here.

Universitad Cardenal Herrera (UCH-CEU)

Universities in Valencia Cardinal Herrera

Cardinal Herrera University one of the leading private universities of Valencia (photograph from Ruvid’s website)

Another private university, Universitad Cardenal Herrera is a bit far the city centre. It is in the northern suburban town Moncada (also spelled Montcada). There are nearly 5000 undergratuades at Cardenal Herrera University. It is considered by some rankings as the best private university in Spain. Click here to go through to Universitad Cardenal Herrera’s website.

 European University of Valencia (UEV)

European University European University of Valencia

The European University is Valencia’s is the university with the most international mindset

The European University of Valencia (or Universidad Europea de Valencia) is an innovative, bilingual university with courses that are taught entirely in English. This is a great advantage for Erasmus Valenica students and international students on exchange programs to Valencia. It has around 1,000 students making it one of the smallest universities in Valencia. It’s main campus is near to the Vivero gardens. This is the link to UEV’s website.

Escola d’Art y Superior de Disseny de Valencia (EASD)

Universities in Madrid EASD

EASD is the Arts and Design school of Valencia (photograph taken from Inma Aznar’s website)

EASD is Valencia’s specialised arts and design university. It has a history with over 150 years and several different names. It is divided into two campuses, one in the central neighbourhood of Velluters and the other is in the Vivers neighbourhood, close to the Benimaclet metro station. You can check out their website at

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