Best places in Madrid to eat Tapas

Elisa Lozano

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If there is something really famous in Spain apart from the bullfights, the sevillanas and the paella, these are the delicious tapas! From the simplest to the most elaborate, very few are able to resist this pleasant invention that make the tapas a unique experience in our country. And if this comes accompanied by a fresh sangria or an irresistible beer, much better.

In Madrid it is very easy to find tapas, they are everywhere! But of course there are emblematic places which are a must if you want to taste this food in the purest Spanish style. Suitable for all tastes, from the simplest pecking to an exquisite lunch, tapas never disappoint.

La Bodega La Ardosa (Calle Colón, 13)

Tortilla lovers, this is your place! This bar boasts the best pincho de tortilla in Madrid, and the truth is that it is delicious! Accompany your tortilla with a good Spanish beer, you will not regret it.

El Quinto Vino (Calle Hernani, 48)

If you really like croquetas, you can´t miss this incredible tavern! Its classic but surprising bar brings you incredible and creamy croquettes, as well as spanish typical products. Don´t forget to try the russian salad or the fried eggplants, unbelievably good!

La Casa del Abuelo (Calle de la Victoria, 12)

Recognized by the City of Madrid as a centenary place, its the best restaurant to taste shrimps in all its facets. Grilled prawns, garlic prawns, cooked prawns… Incredible! From the sea directly to your mouth, accompany some good prawns with the best sweet wine of the capital.

Casa Emilio (Casa López de Hoyos, 98)

This place opened its doors in the 40s and very little has changed since then. Here you will find countless sausages and of course, their famous anchovies in vinegar.  Don´t forget to accompany this appetizer with a fresh beer or a delicious vermouth.

El Brillante (Plaza del Emperador Carlos v, 8)

A classic among the classics, their squid sandwich never goes out of style. Anytime, easy to eat and irresistible for anyone who tries it. Just a few steps away from Atocha, don´t forget to make a quick visit before catching the train, you won´t regret it!

Docamar (Calle Alcalá, 337)

My kingdom for some patatas bravas! Docamar, the king of the bravas, you will not find better tapas in Madrid than in this place. With years of history and a long reputation, their bravas have no competitor in the whole city.

Mui (Calle Ballesta, 4)

Specialized in all types of tapas and with a wide repertoire, they boast of offering an extraordinary torreznos tapas next to a  nice beer, keeping the best of this aperitif with an avant-garde touch.

Bar Alonso (Calle Gabriel Lobo, 18)

Opened more than half a century ago, this “street bar” offers a wide range of good tapas and traditional rations, among which it especially stands out the calluses a la madrileña. Very typical and great flavor!

Tapas? Yes, please!!

Have you been to any of them? Which ones would you add to the list? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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This post is also available in: Spanish Italian German French

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