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The Worst Times to Break Up with a Student

The Worst Times to Break Up with a Student

Ending a relationship is always a difficult moment, but there’s always someone who just picks the worst times to do it. According to several studies, the day after Valentine’s Day is one of the most common dates for a breakup, but there are other moments that should also be avoided to not make the situation even worse. Here are five of the worst times to break up with a student:

During exam period


This is a time when nerves, stress and emotions are all running extremely high amongst university students. Add a breakup to that and you’ve got yourself a train wreck ahead. If you really appreciated your partner, respect what you had together and want the best for them, then don’t destabilise things during this very important period of the year.

At a party


A party is supposed to be fun and uplifting, so it’s not the ideal time for you to break it to your partner that it’s over. Wait until you’re more alone and you can comfortably bear the bad news, rather than a time when you’re both surrounded by friends having a great time. You’d be a real party pooper to break up with someone here.

Before a job interview

Worst time to break up: Before a job interview

Finding a job in the current market is not at all easy. If you don’t know this yet, you will, eventually. Candidates are often far more nervous for an interview than they ever were for a first date, and we all know that nerves can bring out the worst in people. Don’t damage your partner’s future by ruining their present before a job interview. It’s best to wait for a more opportune moment, like a few days after the interview.

On graduation day


Graduation day is without a doubt a day that students remember for the rest of their lives. It is a happy, important, and unique day — an end of an era as a student — so not a day for a breakup. Breaking up with your partner on graduation day is a bit selfish. It’s spoiling a life-time memory for someone you cared for.

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The day before going on Erasmus


Before embarking on the great adventure that is Erasmus, make sure you tie all of your loose ends, because it’s the ones who stay behind who suffer the most. If you’ve decided that you want to start this new adventure as a single person, don’t let your partner know the day before you leave. Tell them a while beforehand, so you can give them some time to digest it. Leaving this kind of news for the last moment will only generate resentment, hatred and sadness from someone who cared for you.

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