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Discovering the world through property creation

Discovering the world through property creation

As a Social Communication student, I’ve always had a huge thirst for getting to know new people, new places, new cultures, new perspectives on society, well, any new information that makes me tick. Throughout my life, I’ve met and worked with people of several nationalities and when they’d tell me about their home countries, I’d be wanting to go there so bad, I’d choose their country as the next I’d visit, but then I’d hang out with another co-worker from another country and I’d change my mind, and that would go on and on.

Shakespeare once wrote “The world’s my oyster”. Amen, brother! And what better place to live that, than Uniplaces? Being on our way to change the world, I feel proud and lucky to work at this company.


content creator at uniplaces
Shakespeare once wrote “The world’s my oyster”. Amen brother!

To top it all, I work in the perfect department: the Onboarding Team. I started there as a copywriter, but now I’m a Senior Offer Creator – meaning I’m in charge of putting on the website every listing you see – but also, I get to know lots of cities and what they have to offer (even new places in cities I already know!). Sitting down at my desk, I get to travel to a lot of places and explore their streets, parks, neighbourhoods, and all of the things that includes. What’s even better, is that not every city is the same as the previous one, so when Uniplaces expands to a new city, it’s always very interesting to see what you’re going to get! This actually makes my choice of places to travel a lot easier!

But how does that all this work exactly? Well, for starters, every new property that comes to the Onboarding team  has to go through a pre-quality control process (Pre-QC as we call it). For that, we have Bernardo, Catarina and Bárbara, who analyse the information and make sure they can pass to the Property/Offer creation phase.

Then, the properties pass to Property/Offer Creation (my field) where I, along with Fábio, Mihai and Luis organize the property pictures, features, rules and description in a cool and creative way, making sure we serve awesome and fresh new properties to students.

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The third, and final, process is Quality Control (QC), where Daniel, Joana and Sara make an evaluation, making sure everything that gets put on the website is in order. And this is it. This is what we do. And I’m pleased to work with these group of wild and awesome people!

Uniplaces operations team
And I’m pleased to work with these group of wild and awesome people!

If you ever wish to get to know Uniplaces better, don’t be shy and stop by our office in Bairro Alto and let’s enjoy a nice, cool beer in the terrace!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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