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Explaining the reservation payment: where does the money go?

Explaining the reservation payment: where does the money go?

The deposit money will secure your reservation for student accommodation when you book in advance.

After being in the business of finding homes for students for over 2 years, we still get a lot of first-time users. People who come across Uniplaces searching for the perfect flatshare, private hall or university accommodation – either suggested by a friend or by the Google gods. Someone just like you – or like you were once. There’s a question that pops up frequently, which is ‘when I make my online booking what happens to the reservation payment money?’

We call it the million dollar question

We say: “We keep it.”

You say: “You what?!”

We say: “We keep it.” We do. We keep your reservation payment until you move in, and then we keep it for a little while longer. Usually, we keep it for 24 hours after you move in. This is to make sure you find exactly what you were expecting. If you don’t, and you call us within that 24 hour period, we’ll hold it while we investigate just what’s going on. We grab a couple of Basset Hounds and put on our Sherlock Holmes cap. We do, we really do – and we investigate.

Why is this system such a great idea? Because it allows you to book months in advance. By booking before everybody else, you get first picks on accommodation options, and can choose from thousands of rooms, apartments, houses, student residences and even hostels. You don’t have to compromise or go for the next-best thing: if you book far ahead enough in advance, you’re much more likely to get a perfect place that fits your taste, your budget, your wants and your needs.

Here’s where the clever part comes in. Because we don’t wire the money to the landlord immediately, we make sure that the landlord holds that apartment for you. They are not going to rent the room to somebody else, and they won’t find something “almost just as good” for you. They will make sure that the place is in perfect conditions. Getting your first month’s rent depends on this.

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Student stuyding on desk of his student accommodation

See? I told you it was clever.

To read more about the ways in which we have your back, check out our safety page here. It’s a 5-step guide about the way we work and how we look out for you – simple, short and easy to read. For any other questions you might have about Uniplaces and our safe, quick and easy process of booking student accommodation, have a look at our helpful help centre where we answer all those Frequently Asked Questions.

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