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15 Weird Snacks Students Are Eating Right Now While Studying for Exams

15 Weird Snacks Students Are Eating Right Now While Studying for Exams

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Exams are not only a stressful period in general, but they’re a time in life when our snack game is very high. All over the world students eat while studying for exams, and some of them eat the pretty weird snacks — but hey, one person’s “that’s disgusting!” can be another’s “give me all of it!”, right?

1. Beans on toast (United Kingdom)

People in the UK eat over 90% of the world’s tinned baked beans, so no wonder beans on toast are a classic snack. It’s also a great student snack because of how cheap it is, leaving you with enough pounds to afford a pint at the pub.

2. Biltong (South Africa)

This high-protein food is a cross between bacon and beef jerky. It’s so loved in South Africa that a student from Cape Town now has a doctorate in how to make the best biltong.

3. Dried crabs (Japan)

Who needs popcorn when you have this crunchy snack that can also be eaten sweet or savoury? Make sure to ask for tamagogani next time you happen to be in Japan while studying for your exams for a snappy result.

4. Haggis and black pepper crisps (Scotland)

If sheep innards are exactly what keep you deeply concentrated while studying, you’ll be glad to know that there are haggis and black pepper crisps. Say your prayers, Doritos.

5. Dried anchovies (Russia)


Fish and salt. That’s enough to create a snack in Russia. Dried anchovies, dried octopus, dried shrimp — name your pois(s)on and it most likely exists.

6. Fermented shark meat (Iceland)

While things are fishy, let’s mention Iceland’s beloved hákarl — cured and fermented shark. Its very strong taste and smell is certainly only for the brave snackers.

7. Octopus Chips (South Korea)

Octopus isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite sea creature, so these Korean octopus-flavoured chips are only for the real food adventurers.

8. Rye bread crisps (Finland)

Crispy ruissipsi come in lots of different flavours, and they’re eaten on their own or with dips and toppings.

9. Marmite Potato Chips (United Kingdom)

As if marmite-spreaded toast weren’t enough, you can now taste the yeast extract flavour on crisps. Yummy.

10. Sunflower seeds (Spain)

Pipas are sunflower seeds and the Spaniards love them. There’s a specific way of eating them too: licking the salt first, placing them between your teeth and biting until they crack, and removing the seed with your tongue.

11. Stinky powdered Swiss cheese (The Netherlands)

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Even though it’s actually a Swiss cheese, Geska Glarus is a very popular snack in the Netherlands. It’s a stinky, powdered cheese you put on toast that basically tastes like cardboard. Appetising.

12. Bacon popcorn (USA)

If anything has added bacon, it most likely comes from the US. There’s popcorn, there’s bacon; what’s not to love?

13. Snails (Portugal)

So you don’t exactly eat snails as a snack while you’re studying, but it’s a perfect treat after a long day of hitting the books. Just ignore the fact that you’re eating snails and it’ll be perfectly fine.

14. Pigs’ Feet (Ireland)

This one, originally called crubeens, is perfect for those accidental nights when you should be studying, but instead you’re out partying. This dish is typically eaten by hand, and the Irish believe it will help you get over a hangover. Worth a try, right?

15. Cheesesteak (USA)

The Philadelphia cheesesteak is an iconic staple of the American city. It’s a long, crusty roll filled with thinly sliced sautéed ribeye beef and melted cheese. You most likely won’t be able to eat one all by yourself, but do accept the challenge.

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