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"I’ve just found the perfect student accommodation on Uniplaces! Can I visit it?"

"I’ve just found the perfect student accommodation on Uniplaces! Can I visit it?"

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We hear that question a lot, and others like it! “How early should I be arriving in Lisbon so I can visit this shared apartment?” “Can you reserve this bedroom in the Erasmus flatshare until I visit it?” “This student residence in Camden is really nice. Can I visit it today?”

These are all really reasonable questions. Why do we always say no, then?

The truth is that, very simply, we have to.

Our landlords are usually professional managers of dozens or hundreds of student apartments, houses, residences and sometimes even hostels. They simply wouldn’t be able to schedule house viewings for everybody who is making bookings through .

What’s more, our properties have always been booked so quickly that even if you scheduled the viewing for tomorrow, the bedroom you wanted to see would probably have been booked before you got there.

“But if you don’t do viewings…

How can I be sure of what the apartment will be like?”

Look out for the Uniplaces ‘verified student accommodation’ badge on our Property Pages. It means somebody has checked the house in Uniplaces’ name and that everything matches the photographs and descriptions. In fact, we photograph nearly every one of our the properties that you find on – so when you’re browsing through pictures, you can be sure that none of the photographs have been photoshopped or altered to make the house look better than it is. We visit these verified properties, take our own accurate photographs and write the descriptions ourselves. Because we’ve been to all of these student apartments and residences, we are able to answer any question you might have.

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The bottom line is that we want you to know exactly what you’ll find when you open the front door before you book the apartment – but we don’t want you to lose that apartment because of the time it took to see it.

If you’re looking for accommodation for students, happy house-hunting! I know exactly where you’ll find the place that’s perfect for you. And if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this blog post, I suspect you know where that is as well.


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