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University as Told by Pets

University as Told by Pets


Imagine you’re a pet. Now imagine you’re a pet at university. Too hard? Here’s a little help. Check out our list to know how university life would look like if told by pets:

1. There’s no place like home

Coming back home from university is a moment your parents highly await. Little do they know that you’re coming for the food. After a week of flavourless cafeteria food, home cooked meals is all we want. Nom nom nom!

2. When you don’t want to wake up your housemates

After a night out, you arrive home trying not to make any noise so you don’t wake up all your housemates, but inevitably that always happens. Well, if you’re a cat, there’s really no need to worry!

3. When the lesson is canceled and you’re the only one who didn’t know

No one likes to wake up early to go to class, but going to university when the lesson was postponed is the worst feeling ever, right? Good news: there are no classes. Bad news: you could have stayed in bed. Fly back to your bed.

4. When you want to rest but university won’t let you

When you think you can have your well-deserved rest after a big project for a subject, there is always someone to remind you that there are still other subjects with essays to be delivered. Rest and university are two words that just don’t come together in a sentence.

5. When you go study abroad

We always tell our parents that studying abroad is good for our CV and to learn a new language. Let’s be honest, most of us only do it because we want to travel and meet new people. A tip? Make sure you choose a university where you can maintain your grades so your parents don’t find out.

6. When you have an assignment to deliver

Classmate: “Hey man, are you giving the final touches on your school report?”

You: “What school report?”

7. When your housemates tell you they can cook

Your housemates believe they are amazing chefs, right? Well, sometimes they’re not. After four salty meals, the real question you should be asking yourself is whether there’s a restaurant nearby.

8. There is always that friend who doesn’t go to class

“Okay guys, first day of school! Which classes are mandatory? None? See you during exam season! Why should I go to classes and miss all the beautiful things the world has to offer?”

9. When you haven’t slept and you have to go to class

After doing an all-nighter to make sure you had everything prepared and studied for the exam that’s coming up, all you want is to rest. So where do you want to go next? Bed? You wish! Freshen up and go back to class!

10. When you’re completely drunk

University is a three-year Oktoberfest. This is probably the time of your life where you will drink the most, but only because studying makes everyone thirsty. Make sure you have at least one friend who’s sober enough to put everyone in line.

11. There is always that friend you can count on when you have questions

You have a last-minute question that you need to answer and you can’t reach your teacher? Worry not; your nerd friend is always there to save the day! They always study ahead and are ready for all the questions you may throw at them.

12. You can be lucky enough to have a tidy housemate

Having to clean your house can be a real pain. Thank God for the tidy housemate! This housemate likes to have everything in order. Why can’t we all have a friend like this to help us keep everything organised and in place?

13. There is always that friend who is addicted to the gym

We all have that friend who spends most of their day at the gym. How do we know that? The countless mirror selfies on Instagram with neon tank tops… If you need to find them, you know where to go.

14. When you try to eat healthy

Eating properly can be a hard task if you live alone. Either you really like to cook and are actually good at it, or you’ll end up eating canned tuna with chips and mayo and having fast food twice a week.

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15. There’s always that friend who drives you nuts

Let’s be honest. No matter how hard you try, there’s always that one friend who, purposefully or not, makes you feel like you want to slap them. However, your life without them wouldn’t be as funny. Deep down you know you couldn’t live without them.

16. Those friends for life

They say the friends you make at the university are most likely to be the ones who will be with you for the rest of your life. They are the ones who’ve stayed with you through the good and the bad. Just remember they’re also going to be the ones to embarrass you at your wedding.

17. The copycat

There’s always that classmate who only wants to have the exercises done, even if they don’t know understand anything of what they’re doing. They will always say they understood the explanation, when in reality they just want someone to do all the work for them.

18. That friend who thinks they can do everything on their own

Your path through university is so much easier if you have friends you can count on to help you study for exams — or in anything you need. They’re one in a million.

19. That classmate who always makes silly questions

There’s always that guy in your class who makes lots of questions without any relation to what the professor is saying… If it weren’t for him, classes would be unbearable.

20. The struggle to find accommodation

Going to university away from home isn’t easy. It can become an exhausting task to find a room you like and that makes you feel at home. We can help you there though!

Thanks for reading this post!

How many situations can you relate with? Does any of these remind you of one of yours friends? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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