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Uniplaces video: your next adventure. Book it, live it.

Uniplaces video: your next adventure. Book it, live it.

Uniplaces video Erasmus in Lisbon

When you pack your bags to go on an Erasmus, you feel like the next six or twelve months will be a long time. When you get there, it couldn’t be more different. Between your classes, your friends, a new country to explore, a culture to engage with, exams, parties, sleeping, parties, eating and parties, six months go by so quick that you’ll probably go home without even having seen half of the touristic stuff.Am I right? This feeling inspired our Uniplaces video: “Your next adventure.”

One moment you book your apartment from the comfort of your parents’ home, the next your diving straight into a new city with new friends, new food and a lot of fun to be had. Whether you choose a beautiful sunny city like Madrid, or a modern, misty metropolis like London.

So tell us: what are you waiting for?

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Book it. Live it.

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