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Uniplaces offers accommodation to students in India

Uniplaces offers accommodation to students in India

Uniplaces for Indian Students needing accommodation

Uniplaces believes that India is a market with great potential – that’s why we’re expanding our reach over there.  We’ve linked efforts with entrepreneur Sumedh Kalyanpur, who is based in Mumbai, to become Local Representative in the area and help students in India.

Why India?

India is a thriving country with a dynamic economy. It has a deep and colourful culture and a long history. More to the point, students in India are one of the largest percentages of  going abroad for their degrees. In 2012, there were nearly 190,000 Indian nationals studying abroad (189,472 to be exact!). 29,713 students that had left India to get their degrees from the United Kingdom. In London alone, there are over 10,000 Indian students.**

By taking this step, Uniplaces is taking up the challenge of helping all the students from India find the perfect student accommodation in London, Madrid, and Lisbon.

Indian students having fun looking for accommodation
5% of Indian students go abroad for their degrees

Introducing Sumedh

Sumedh Kalyanpour is an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur based in Mumbai with work experience all over the world. Sumedh had firsthand experience of student life in the UK and became an expert in Student Accommodation, especially in English cities.

All students in India, feel free to reach out to Sumedh with any question or proposal. Sumedh’s contacts are:

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phone: +91 9820291093
skype: sumedh.kal

**statistic taken from UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics and StudyLondon

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