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Top Financial Apps for Travelers

Top Financial Apps for Travelers

Whether you’re travelling on a tight budget or simply wanting to prevent unfortunate situations, managing money can be a crucial part of your trip. Financial apps can be incredibly useful and save you both money and effort. To help you out on your adventures, we present you a list of financial apps that if you are not already using, you should definitely consider doing so before you board on the next flight:


Revolut is a  prepaid card and app used by 4.5m+ customers across Europe and Australia, to make massive savings on fees when spending and sending money abroad. This app lets you open a Revolut account and order your Revolut card within minutes through your phone for free if you have a referral link. The best part though is that the app lets you immediately top up your account, convert to other currencies and store them simultaneously in your Revolut account. This means that when you make a payment abroad, your Revolut card will determine the local currency and charge you in that currency without charging any conversion fees. It will definitely save you a lot of money abroad.

Get your Revolut Card here.  

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N26 is a German bank that has extended its services for other European countries. It allows you to dodge foreign ATM transaction charges, setup annual fees as well as the markup of currency exchange. Their slogan is “Pay like a local” and it seems like they do everything they can to make your money-related matters easier when you are abroad.

They have a free account and a premium one (called Black) that adds an Allianz travel insurance for €9.90 a month.

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TransferWise is, in many ways, identical to Revolut, however, it is the only of the two that is available in the US at the moment. Besides the different locations, TransferWise has a big advantage. If you plan to make international money transfers while you are abroad, this is your app. It transfers money fast and it has a high transfer amount cap.


Do you find yourself with a lot of cards? Is it hard to keep track of how much money you have on them? Do you sometimes pay with a card and then realise that you should have paid with another one? Curve is the solution you’re looking for. This financial app lets you connect all your cards in one so that it’s easier for you to control your money. AND! It let’s you go back in time (literally) and change the card that you paid with.

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Curve does not cancel all of the apps mentioned above; in the chance that you have an account in more than one of the apps mentioned above, Curve will just host them together so that you don’t have to shift between apps to check the balance.  

Set up your Curve account and get you card here. You’ll get 5£ in your first transaction 🤑

Do you use any of these apps? Happy travelling and for more travel tips, you can find them in the Uniplaces Blog!

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