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27 Times Harry Potter Perfectly Described Student Life During Exam Season

27 Times Harry Potter Perfectly Described Student Life During Exam Season

The Dark Lord and his followers Exams have returned, something each and every one of you has to face during their student life. On the 20th anniversary of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” publication, we’ve thought of 27 times Harry Potter perfectly described student life during exam season.

A couple of months in advance, exams feel like they’re a lifetime away, so your jolly self continues to be care-free:

But in a flash those two months turn into two weeks and you realise you’re not even half way into your revision:

So you lock yourself in your room and finally start to get ready for your six coming exams:

Meanwhile, teachers insist on assigning homework when you should be studying for exams:

And your appearance starts to look far from ideal…

… and your diet consists of anything fryable in a pan:

And you keep wishing this would happened, even though you know it never will…

… and you’re faced with so much temptation to do anything besides studying…

… but you accept an invitation to go out because, hey, you deserve it:

And in the middle of the party you suddenly start recalling you still have 394 pages to review:

And the next morning you realise it was a very bad idea to go out:

Meanwhile, the friends who insisted you go out are fresh as a daisy:

The bastards.

In the meantime, the alcohol seems to have obliviated what you’ve already reviewed and when someone asks you something about a subject you realise you literally have:

So study groups become the only way to understand what the hell went on in class:

And even though she really helps, you really wish you could hit the class smart ass on the head with your textbook:

And the final stretch feels like you’re about to pass out with your hands smudged with four different highlighter colours:

And you secretly come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to ace your exams because you procrastinated too much:

But D day is finally here, and you sit down knowing all the studying you went through will reflect on this moment:

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And you panic with all the different facial expressions you see:

And end up leaving the exam even more nervous than before because now you can’t do anything but wait:

And every time you log in to your grades portal you’re as scared as if you’re about to see a dementor:

And after almost three weeks of waiting, a grade finally pops up and it turns out to be GREAT:

But you knew there was that one subject that was going to come around and bite you:

And you cry a little but accept it because you know:

Especially when friends who’ve aced their exam ask how you are after knowing you’ve failed:

But exam season is over anyway, so it’s time for a toast!

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Can you think of any other time Harry Potter perfectly described student life during exam season? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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