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Thought World Cup ’14 was in Brazil?

Thought World Cup ’14 was in Brazil?

Check out the following tips and get to know why Lisbon is just the perfect place for cheering your team up!

No matter where you come from, you’re certainly aware of the massive party the world is anxiously expecting: FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

In fact, from the 12th June to the 13th July, people from 32 countries will be proudly suffering together for their teams. And Portugal is definitely not an exception.

So, whether you’re into football or not; whether your country is joining the race or it was not selected; whether you’re in vacations or exhaustively working: you can’t avoid the emotion of seeing different crowds cheering in one single voice.

And here’s what you should expect during this month here in Lisbon: multitudes on green-red outfits carrying their huge flags all the way while singing the Portuguese anthem, families sharing the anxiety and hugging each other at each goal, friends shouting and crossing fingers for a positive outcome.

But: what would a World Cup be without the right place to watch the matches? How to support your team with an empty stomach? How to celebrate a victory having no good drinks on the table?

That’s why I’ve made a list of exceptional restaurants, bars and places you should consider if you don’t want to miss this international party. Join us there and let’s cheer together:

Football Park

How to feel just like in a World Cup football match within 5 minutes from home? Get yourself a seat at Football Park! Right in the center of Lisbon, with an incredible view over the city and designed to make us – football lovers – extremely happy. Here, at Parque Eduardo VII, entry is free and there’s much more than simply starring at a big screen: attractions for family and children, an eating area and many leisure activities.

Festas de Lisboa 2014

Being in Lisbon during June is basically the best choice you’ve made and let me tell you why: this is the time of multiple street festivals which commemorate the most traditional things the city has to offer – mouth-watering food, delicious wine, great weather, colorful alleys and joyful people walking around.

Now, you tell me: is there any better atmosphere to watch your team playing? Get in one of the wonderful restaurants along the city center and enjoy!

Follow this link:

UpScale Bar

At this bar, on the top of the wonderful Epic Sana Lisbon Hotel, you get to see a stunning view over Lisbon. The stylish atmosphere, the huge screen on the wall and a selection of the best Tapas (a mix of tidbits usually eaten by a group) make it the perfect venue for game watching.

Want to know more? Check the link:

Arena Lounge

This is a modern, appealing space within Lisbon Casino, including bars, a cafeteria, 3 stages and a giant screen to which several people stare during football matches. Inside, you’ll certainly feel like in a Stadium, surrounded by all that adrenaline. Entry is free and if you go between Sundays and Thursdays, you even get the 1+1 discount: all second items (including snacks and drinks) cost 1€! Interesting?

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You should consider yourself lucky for this is one of the hidden places only Portuguese people would know. Right in the busy area of Saldanha, there’s a classic restaurant open since 1967, focusing on traditional Portuguese dishes like codfish and steaks. Its authentic look plus the various TV screens hanging on the walls make the perfect combo for a night full of emotions, don’t you agree?

Get more information here:

Real Sports Bar

Ever wondered if there’s any bar entirely made for those who are real games addicted? Answer is yes – there is one spectacular place for worshiping all kinds of sports and it is just around the corner! Inside Real Parque Hotel, in São Sebastião area, you’ll find a giant screen, 3 LCD’s and a nice staff. Once you get in, soak up that vibrant atmosphere and relax with a variety of yummy Portuguese snacks and drinks before the show starts!

Check this link to know more:

Have I made your mind already? With this many options, I’m pretty sure you won’t even consider lying on the couch while your team is playing, anymore. Get the outfit ready, the flag in one hand and a huge smile on your face: the game is on!

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more. Did you enjoy our article? Just drop us a line in the comment section below to let us know you did. And remember! If you need to find University housing in Lisbon – or you know someone that does – you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on

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