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Things to do in Munich

Things to do in Munich

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Whether you’re new to the city or just visiting for the weekend, we’ve come up with a list of things to do in Munich.

A destination that’s historical and modern at the same time. An unbelievably beautiful town in the Southern German state of Bavaria, that takes you back in time and also doesn’t fail to amaze you with its modern infrastructure.

Englischer Garten (English Garden)

The English Garden is not only the biggest park in Munich, but also designed in a way to make sure it occupies a special place in one’s heart. It covers an area of 910 acres and has a lake flowing through it, known as Eisbach. What’s interesting is that there’s a man-made wave section in the lake where surfers usually satisfy their hunger for surfing. Pretty cool, right?

Marienplatz und Viktualienmarkt

Munich’s main central square, Marienplatz, is a place you don’t want to miss due to its historical importance. Not only does it have the famous Rathaus (Town Hall) that is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture, but also has Munich’s main shopping area all around it. Just a few steps from the square is the famous Viktualienmarkt, an outdoor market that’s open daily for people to get their hands on the food they have to offer.

Deutsches Museum

If you happen to be interested in the history of technical products, you won’t find a better place than Deutsches Museum. This is because it happens to be the world’s largest museum of technology that not only has technical products that go way back in history but also the ones of a very modern nature. So, be prepared for an amazing journey back and forth in time once you visit it.

Tierpark (Hellabrunn Zoo)

While Munich gives you a good dose of history and technology, that doesn’t mean it lags behind when it comes to nature. With over 19,000 animals from approximately 750 species, Hellabrunn Zoo happens to be one of the best ones in Europe, and thus a must-visit place for all the right reasons. Need I say more?


If you’re in Munich, be sure to visit this Olympic Park that was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Not only will the unique architecture amaze you but you can also indulge in various sports and cultural events like Tollwood, given you visit at the right time. Tollwood is an association that finances cultural activities and ecological projects by renting and leasing out market stalls. They also organise a winter and summer festival.

The beautiful Churches

Since Catholicism happens to be the predominant religion in Munich, it consists of a range of extremely historical Churches that not only are wonderfully constructed but brilliantly maintained as well to make sure they don’t lose their essence. Some of the prominent ones include Frauenkirche, Theatinerkirche, Asamkirche and St. Peterskirche. Be sure to pay these a visit and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

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Attracting around 6 million visitors each year from across the globe, Oktoberfest happens to be the world’s largest folk festival that takes place in Munich. Contrary to the common belief, the festival is not only about beer (even though that is a big part of it!). Instead, you should also look forward to traditional Bavarian food, thrilling rides, vibrant parades and the traditional Bavarian dresses. The festival begins in the second half of September and ends in the first week of October. Due to its massive popularity, be sure to book way in advance so that there aren’t any last-minute complications.

Either if you’re planning a trip to Munich or moving here to study work or just explore, we hope this list keeps you busy!

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