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The Best Websites to Find a Remote Job

The Best Websites to Find a Remote Job

Remote job has started to gather a large ground in the last few years. Since remote work enables the employees to establish a home office environment, daily commuting to the office can be eliminated.  

Working remotely makes it possible to travel more, set your own schedule and change the working environment more often. For some, it’s also easier to stay more focused thanks to your own, never-get-disturbed living-room. 

Having a remote job gives more freedom to travel freely Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There are plenty of job opportunities offered on the internet, and many different sites to look at. To make things easier for you, we have gathered the 7+1 best, and above all the most useful, remote job websites.  

REMOTE.CO offers a wide range of remote jobs in the fields of IT, Design, Sales, Visual Assistants, Writers and many more. The page’s handy feature makes it possible to reduce the options based on the job type you are looking for. There is also an option for looking for a job based on the company. What’s more, the website has a company-visitor Q&A section in case you get confused. 


Remoters offers a list of Europe-based companies and start-ups where you can work as a remoter. Besides the easy search and variety on the website, it offers interviews with home-based workers and events. For further tips in the field, the visitors can also read its blog. It covers topics like internet connections while travelling, companies hiring remotely and tips and tricks of everything related to working remotely. 


In case you are searching for a job in the fields of Design, HR, Customer Success and Development, this page will meet your needs. Since the page is dedicated to building a clear and easy platform for remote job opportunities, you can filter the options according to locations. The virtual job board highlights if the job you just clicked on has a specific country or requirements for time overlap.


Even though doesn’t have an immense amount of work options, searching here is completely worth the try. If you opt for peeping into the job selection of some specific European cities or countries, then simply hit enter. You can easily filter your salary requirements, experience level, and visa or work permit options, too.


Outsourcely specialises in creative jobs in fields like marketing and communications. Design and Multimedia, Sales and Marketing, Web Development, Administrative Support, but also Writing and Content Creation. If you wish to imagine your future as a full-time editor or writing specialist, you should definitely give it a go, since Outsourcely matches the professionals with the employers.

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Upwork combines freelance and remote opportunities in many fields of work such as Writing or Creative and Design fields, also with Data Science and Analytics. Do you consider yourself a good author who likes to express the most hidden thoughts in stories? Do you have good graphic design skills and want to meet new clients? If you answer is a strong yes, head to Upwork and create your account now. 

Do you work better in the comfort of your home? Working remotely is for you. Photo by Tranmautritam on Pexels.


Are you looking for active freelance projects? Check out Freelancer that has several ongoing projects listed on the front page of the website. Keep in mind that it is a global search page, therefore you will come across options that are located in the United States or the Check Republic. 

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Indeed, besides being one of the biggest job search engines on the internet,. It not only offers many on-site job opportunities, but also remote and freelance work. As an extra tip, it’s worth subscribing for remote work offers, so you will receive a daily email with the current and most suitable remote options for you. 


Working remotely gives you the chance to commute between your home and your workplace and it also makes possible to stay focused and get the best out of your daily tasks. Checking through the above mentioned remote job websites will surely have some offers for you on the diverse fields from Customer Service to Marketing. 

No matter which site will eventually lead you to the perfect opportunity, don’t forget to take action, be brave and keep going. There is always a place for everyone. 

In case you decide to make a European city you’re home for (at least) one month, make sure you check out Uniplaces. You’ll find thousands of offers in more than 30 european cities. You can filter on price, locations and many other features and, of course, also the type of place you’re looking for. Room in a shared apartment, rent a studio or even an entire apartment, we have it all.

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