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Six Styles of Pizza to Celebrate the Pizza Day

Six Styles of Pizza to Celebrate the Pizza Day

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Pizza! Need to say more? Not really, but if you want to get yummy ideas for Pizza day (February 9th), or any other day, because who needs an excuse to eat pizza? Carry on reading!

February 9 is the International Pizza Day, and as it is a universal dish, it is always good to know new ways to appreciate it. Pizza is the favourite food of 9 out of 10 people and each one of them has their favourite style for the delicacy. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba is considered the first pizzeria in the world, established in 1738 in Naples, since then it has been a long journey until the slices of pizza sold at dawn for really low prices. The dish has undergone modifications with time and adapted to each place. If in Italy tradition and ingredients are featured, in big cities like New York ask for a dish that suits your fast-paced lifestyle.

Now, grab your slice and discover how this dish is served at different points on the planet.

1. Chicago Style

At first glance it looks more like a salty pie than a pizza, but this style is especially appreciated by cheese lovers. Built in Chicago in the 1940s, this high-edged pizza gives room for more filling, layers of cheese and fresh tomatoes.

2. New York

The city transformed the dish brought by Italian immigrants into a delicacy sold on a large scale. There was founded the first pizzeria of the United States to Lombardi’s in 1905. New York pizza is known for the thin and crunchy mass. A fast food that is the hallmark of the city and its lifestyle.

3. Neapolitan

The most traditional pizza in the world is marked by simplicity. That’s why the good ingredients are what stands out. The two most traditional versions are marinade and margarita, the first, more traditional, has no cheese, only tomato, oregano, garlic, basil and olive oil, so even the great Italian tomatoes gain weight in the recipe, the second variety is best known worldwide and carries cheese.

4. Roman Pizza

Another traditional style of the country of origin of the dish. Unlike Neapolitan pizza the Roman pizza is usually rectangular and not round. This style is known for its extremely thin, crunchiness and traditionally is served without toppings, but nowadays there are variations that add them.

5. Khachapuri

Some may not even consider this typical Georgia dish a pizza, but there are obvious similarities. It consists of a soft mass, usually in gondola format, covered with cheese, egg and butter. It is common to serve as an entree and not as a main course.

6. Sicilian Pizza

Another Italian style is a variation of focaccia, a spongy mass covered with onions, tomato sauce, anchovies and cheese. This style was modified in the USA and uses a similar mass but other fillings like mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

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7. Sfiha

This one is common in Lebanon, Syria and in some parts of South America like Brazil and Argentina due to Lebanese immigration. It is a generally round dough served with assorted fillings like cheese, meat or vegetables.

Is your mouth watering like ours? If so, you know what to do! There is no limit for pizza. Happy eating!

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