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Stay Home in the Kitchen

Stay Home in the Kitchen

Well we are certain that all the home chefs out there are cooking a lot at the moment so it is important not to forget the most important kitchen rule of them all: the one that cook cannot wash the dishes! Back to the subject…

We know that this is probably not the time to have all the ingredients in your pantry, which leaves you sigh-ing at some of Instagram’s most indulgent recipe videos that you were so going to do until you realize you didn’t have all the ingredients.

But worry not! In times where we cannot simply go to the supermarket and be back in 2 minutes, we need  to be resourceful, to use creativity and imagination. Now it’s the time to have a big clear-out of all those sauces, jars and whatever is going in the pantry and in the fridge!

So we went ahead a put together a list of easy, flexible and simple recipes that you can do at home. We must confess we think they are all delicious and full of flavor, but that is our opinion!

3 ingredient sweet potato pizza crust

Perfectly easy no hands sweet potato pizza crust that is made with three ingredients and is versatile enough to go with both traditional pizza toppings or with what ever you have in the fridge basically. Give it a try!


Vegan Penne Alla Vodka

Classically, this dish consists of pasta, tomatoes, onions, sometimes peas and bacon or what you have at hand to give it more texture, and of course cream. Vodka serves as an emulsifier so pasta combines particularly well with the tomatoes.


Spicy Tuna Onigiri

If you are not familiar with Japanese cuisine, Onigiri are essentially rice balls, made from sushi rice and wrapped in nori. Most onigiri are filled with everything from pickles, to salmon, tuna, and everything in between. The choices are endless.


Sardine Toasts With Tomato and Sweet Onion

A classic! Sardine toasts are just the thing to eat when you’re starving and there’s nothing in the house for dinner…


Crispy Baked Falafel

Falafel is vegan, nutritious and super delicious. They make delicious sandwiches and are also great on salads or served with hummus. They also make great veggies burgers too. Plus they freeze super well.


Ahi Mango Poke

This vibrant poke bowl features soy-marinated tuna a bed of fluffy rice, with sweet chunks of mango, shredded carrot, cucumber, a tangy cabbage and snow pea slaw. But you can change for what you have. As far as poke toppings, the sky’s the limit!


See Also

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake… Eggless

No eggs, no problem! This is a chocolate olive oil cake recipe that’s perfect for everyone, even the ones that forgot to by eggs on the last super market trip. An eggless chocolate cake recipe which gives a soft and delicious cake!

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

It’s super easy, and the homemade cinnamon rolls are so much better. Soft and gooey all the way through, they’re jam-packed with brown sugar and cinnamon!

Well that’s all folks, we are pretty sure you will lick you fingers after eating any those! If not… please send us your favorites recipes and we will make a post with them!

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Thank you for reading this post!

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Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

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