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12 Times Star Wars Perfectly Described Student Life

12 Times Star Wars Perfectly Described Student Life

What if instead of Luke Skywalker, you were The Chosen One? What if you were a student not on Earth or anywhere in the Milky Way, but in a far off planet in the universe? Here’s how Star Wars perfectly describes student life. May the Fourth be with you!

1. Rushing in the morning

Waking up early is easy to say, but harder to accomplish. Classes start quite early and the Force doesn’t awake that early. Not even your R2-D2 alarm clock is enough to wake you up on time; you always end up rushing out of the house and knocking a few things along the way.

2. Commuting to uni

You take the bus on your way to uni and it always gets stuck in traffic when you’re already late. If only everyone had the Millennium Falcon at their disposal.

3. When you’re in (a never-ending) class

Surviving two and a half hour of classes when each minute feels like a day isn’t easy. Like soldiers on the battlefield, you bravely endure as the clock resists to move. You look over to your classmates and one look says it all: may the Force be with you all.

4. When your bank balance is close to zero

You’re halfway through the month and you’re already hyperventilating when you check your bank balance. It won’t be easy, but it’s time to stop spending and to follow money-saving tips to keep you afloat until next month’s allowance drops.

5. When exam season begins

We know. When exam season begins — and it’s oh so close — you’re constantly seeking a big hug. If you’re one of the lucky ones and your university is close to a beachyou’ll quickly feel unlucky whenever you cross paths with laid-back beachgoers while you’re on your way to an air conditioned study room. It sucks.

6. When exam season ends

It’s a new world! Hibernation is over and you can come out of your cave. The air feels lighter, you can breathe a bit better, and it’s time to sit back, relax, and party until the next batch comes up.

7. Snack time

Food is something you’ll never have to worry about. From Stormtrooper Pizza to Death Star chocolates, there’s plenty of things you can cook. Snacks are important before those practical classes in the afternoon to regain energy. Make an Imperial snack that even rebel spies would love!

8. Fridays

It’s when the best part of your week arrives. It’s time to drop the books for a couple of days and race to the closest pub or club at 0.5 past lightspeed. Ready for the fun to begin?

9. When your classmates think you can’t possibly complete a project in one week

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You had an entire semester to do a group project, but of course you’re only just figuring out what you’re doing and the due date is less than a week away. There comes your classmate: “there is no way we can do this in less than a week”. When the Force is with you, you can do anything.

10. When your teachers say you can use your textbook during an exam

As soon as your teacher says you can check your textbooks during an exam, the bar is set all the way up to the Death Star. You may think it’s a good thing at first, but quite simply, it’s a trap.

11. When your flatmate takes your food

So you have one of those flatmates who insists on roaming through your fridge and taking your food. Breathe. No need to take out your lightsaber just yet. Talk about it and let them know the tupperwares with your mum’s cooking are off limits.

12. When the beer runs out

“No more beer”. These three words is the stuff of nightmares. Who would ever organise a party and not have enough beer? Filthy muggles. Wait.

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