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Reasons to Choose Spain as your Next Nomad Destination

Reasons to Choose Spain as your Next Nomad Destination

Travelling the world, country after country is definitely a dream not everyone can follow. However, if you’re lucky enough to be a nomad, this article is for you.  We have gathered the top 8 reasons why you should choose Spain as your next nomad destination. Believe me, after reading this post you will want to book your ticket straight away!

1. Cheaper Prices (compared to other central-EU countries)

One of the first things a nomad takes into account when moving to another country is clearly the money. Spain’s medium to large-sized cities have an incredibly good quality of living at a comparatively low price level. You can afford way more than in other European countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany, or Great Britain. We personally recommend you to go to Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, as it has a pretty laid-back atmosphere, the perfect size and prices are pretty low compared to Madrid and Barcelona. Plus, it has really nice beaches!

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

2. The Weather

Spending some time in Spain will provide you with a high dose of Vitamin D. As a nomad, you will have the best weather ever. By staying in the Mediterranean Coast you will enjoy a pleasant temperature during the whole year. We recommend you to go during the spring and summer, to experience the Spanish lifestyle at its fullest. The climate of Spain allows you to choose exactly the weather and the season that you prefer depending on what part of the country you are located.

3. The Food

Any true foodie is a fan of Spanish food, which has been recognised as one of the top cuisines in the world. Some recipes date hundreds of years and are closely related to the history of the region. Although there are common traditional dishes, such as the tortilla de patata, every region of Spain has a particular cuisine and each of them is worth trying. Moreover, if you want to be extra nomad, you can go bar after bar having a different tapa and a beer. This is usually called “Ruta de Tapas” and is the perfect plan for a boring Tuesday night.

Photo by Kaitlin Dowis on Unsplash

4. The People

Spanish people are generally familiar, pleasant and quite close. If you tell them you are a nomad, they’ll probably get so excited and start giving you advice and tips about where to go and what to do. As long as you show them interest, they’ll welcome you with open arms. Oh, and another perk is that you’ll never look noisy by their side!

5. The Language

Spanish is the second most important language and it’s spoken by more than 400 million native people all over the world. As a nomad, learning Spanish will offer you many opportunities and a bright future. Your travel experiences will be enhanced if you choose to learn the local language and when you decide to go to South America, you’ll have a substantial advantage.

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6. The Cultural Background

This is what truly makes a country special. The culture of Spain is based on a wide variety of historical influences such as Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Muslims. If you think about it, it’s quite similar to being a nomad, as you also get influenced by all the places you visit along your way. Some of the most important buildings and tourist attractions include the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Granada’s Alhambra, Madrid’s Museo del Prado, the Great Mosque of Córdoba and El Escorial. These places are not only fascinating but also hide really interesting stories behind it that you’ll get to know when you visit them!

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

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7. The Landscapes

The beauty of the country is one of the most important parts when choosing a new destination as a nomad. From mountain lakes to deserts and infinite beaches, but also great ski stations for the wintertime. The beauty of the Spanish scenery will definitely captivate you and exceed your expectations. Its landscapes are packed with beautiful, unspoilt natural landscapes, stunning geological spots, lush forests, volcanoes and impressive mountains. Moreover, there are several camping places around the natural reserves so that you can live the experience surrounded by nature at its fullest!

8. The Festivities

It’s a well-known fact that Spain love to party but you’ll probably get surprised when you discover some of the weirdest traditional festivals going on in the country! You could easily become a new variant of a nomad: the party nomad, by visiting the whole country, locality after locality and party after party! Some of the quirkiest and more famous celebrations include tomato throwing in Buñol, wine battle in La Rioja or the drum festival in San Sebastian.

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

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9. Transportation

Spain has an extense public transport network that ranges from: modern metros to well-connected speed rails between major cities, called AVE. This train is operated by the national railway company, Renfe. Using the public transportation system will fit your nomad budget, as you will end up saving money. In addition to local city buses, there are also many long-distance and intercity buses that sometimes are quicker than trains and way cheaper. The easiness to travel from one place to another in Spain is definitely a pro when choosing the country as your next destination!

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10. The Great Nomad Community

Nomads seem to be on the rise in Spain. A reliable and fast internet, unique workspaces and cafés and the affordable living costs make Spain a popular destination among these people. Moreover, several events take place in Spain during the whole year promoting this lifestyle. The Nomad Cruise European Edition takes place in the Canary Island, Morocco and Portugal, in April. There you’ll be on board with more than 300 open-minded people that eager to be inspired and motivated. But apart from that they are hungry to discover the world. The Mediterranean coast is also packed with nomad retreats, such as the one celebrated in June in a beautiful beach town called Javea, Alicante, whose name is Digital Nomad Girl Retreat. These events are the perfect opportunity to meet people with the same lifestyle and aspirations as you, to keep on learning and discovering and making your experience even richer. 

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

No matter which of the above is the reason why you’ll choose Spain as your next nomad destinations, but we’re sure you’ll be positively surprised by the beauty of this country.

Thanks for reading this post!

Spain is an amazing country to visit. It’s packed with cute little towns ready to be discovered and amazing food to be eaten.  If you like this post and or you’d like to become a nomad, check out this post about Digital Nomads and the new way of living and working. 

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