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Reasons Why the Single Life is the Best Life

Reasons Why the Single Life is the Best Life

Being single this year can be the start of a whole new you! Though there are many perks of being in a relationship, there are also many more advantages of being single. Here is a persuasive guide on how to proudly take advantage of your single life and be happy about it.

1. Do whatever you want to do

Take the time to go through your bucket list and start ticking off what you have not done yet. Being single allows you to be completely free and take decisions that will only affect yourself. Go out there and be rebellious! You can finally skydive without having to worry about the partner that was afraid of heights or you can explore a different country of your preference and step outside of your comfort zone.

2. Have adventures with different people

Now that you will go on adventures you will get to meet so many new people that you never would have interacted before. Go on Erasmus and expand your horizons to acquire an unforgettable international experience! Enjoy the company of new friends and grow as a more cultured individual.

3. Forget about sharing

All the fries to yourself! What even is sharing? Can you find it in the dictionary? Of course not! This word does not exist in the lives of single people! Take advantage of doing everything for one person and that is you. There is no need to please anybody else apart from yourself so only decide what you want to eat, watch, dress and even shop.

4. Save up on tremendous amounts of money

Nothing will make you happier than having a thicker wallet (finally!). This may sound a little selfish, but being single means more money to yourself and it makes it easier to save up, which normally leads to great things. Treat yourself with things that you want.

5. No more arguments

I bet this will feel good! Imagine coming home and not having to argue about why your partner hasn’t done something or why the clothes are all over the place? Now you can get home and relax. You can do things the way it pleases you and there is no need to argue with anybody, just enjoy the silence at home.

6. Get to know yourself better

This will be the best time to learn more about yourself and about your aspirations for the future. Your focus will become yourself and you will have time to make decisions that only impact your life. You will have a clearer vision of the future and more motivation to do better.

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Self love for Valentine’s day (and throughout the year) looks like a really good plan, don’t you think? Treat yourself this year, you deserve it!

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