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How does a sculptor end up working at Uniplaces?

How does a sculptor end up working at Uniplaces?

Carlota pereira working at Uniplaces,

Originally from Lisbon, I attended the fine-arts academy in the heart of the city. I loved expressing my creativity, but I felt that I needed something else. I decided to move to the Netherlands to try to became a (more) serious person and to attend a “serious” master’s in Management.

I lived and worked in Estonia and the Netherlands. I visited more countries than my age (this is not that impressive since I’m not that old!), but I missed this beautiful city so badly that I knew I had to come back.

After working in a seed-stage startup, I finally joined Uniplaces. Working at a fast-growing startup means you have to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the company. I worked as a business developer, a part of the migration project and now I’m on the Account Management Team – the newest and coolest team at Uniplaces.

Carlota of the Uniplaces account management team
“I visited more countries than my age… this isn’t THAT impressive since I’m not THAT old.”

As Account Managers, our job is to communicate with our landlords, making sure they provide our students the best experience ever! There are 5 members in our team and we are divided in two groups: key accounts and small/medium accounts.

Let’s start with the little one that takes care of the big ones: Teresa takes care of Key Accounts,  our landlords that really large number of properties and need special attention. Then we have Gil, our team leader, a spreadsheet-lover that manages the small/medium accounts team and tries to make everything go smoothly (always with structure!). Xavier, a not-so-preppy boy from Cascais with a soft-spot for England, used to work as copywriter. Virgínia is our heart-and-soul Spanish girl that came all the way from Dublin to join our amazing team.

We love food and are always eating. Whenever you come by our desks, you’ll find chocolate cake, Santini ice-cream, skittles or the marvelous chocolate croissant from the bakery down the street (yes, we do have a sweet tooth).

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carlota not working at uniplaces
“We are changing this reality and helping students worldwide!”

It is amazing to work in such a great start-up, with such a cool environment, full of young and talented individuals with loads of great stories to tell,  even though (almost) everyone is below 35.

As a student, I’ve really felt the pain of not being able to find accommodation in my new city and to have to stay in crappy hostels during weeks and weeks. And this is why working at Uniplaces is so awesome, we are changing this reality and helping students worldwide!

If you want to know more about Uniplaces, please feel free to come by our office in Bairro Alto, and enjoy a beer in our amazing terrace while playing ping pong.

Thanks for reading this post! We hope to see you soon, coming back for more.
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