5 reasons why you should definitely go on Erasmus

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Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus: Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, social critic, teacher, theologian, inspiration for the best student programme in existence.

When you first think of doing an Erasmus exchange, people tell you all kinds of different things. Your parents might say that you’re crazy and that you just want to party, drink, and go wild. Your friends might help you choose the destination while already making plans to visit you without having to pay for their stay (cheeky bastards). And then you have those who’ve been on Erasmus before who will tell you that it’s the best thing ever!

So what to do if you’re part of the bunch who are unsure of accepting the challenge and living this experience? Maybe you think you’re not remotely prepared to live by yourself, perhaps you’re just insecure about making new friends, or maybe you just feel nervous about living a different country.

I’ve been on Erasmus before and let me say this: don’t even think twice. Just go! Here’s why:

1. You’ll meet people from all over the world

Erasmus is great for meeting other international students.

After doing Erasmus, you’ll have friends from all over the place!

You’ll have friends from all over the world. Erasmus is a truly international student experience and you get to know different cultures just by talking to your classmates. You’ll learn all kinds of things about them and you’ll get to tell them everything about your own country! Don’t be surprised if, like myself, you get caught in the middle of a crazy night where you end up drinking Polish vodka and eating French pastry while singing the Italian anthem with your neighbours in the streets. In Erasmus, all kinds of things can happen and you can count on your new international friends to make sure of that.

2. You’ll get to travel around Europe 

Erasmus students are travelers!

Pack your bags and get on a student adventure!

You’re probably going to be studying in a country that you’ve never been to before, so you might as well travel! If you’re an Erasmus student, you need to do as much as you can to get the best out of your experience. Take a night train across the border, go on a bike ride to the beach… See Europe like you’ve never seen it before.

3. You’ll never party harder

Enjoy the student life, go to an Erasmus party.

All the Erasmus parties are crazy wild! Have fun and enjoy your student life!

Oh, boy! This is what people warn you about — the parties, the drinking and all that dancing. You’ll do all that and much more. Erasmus is kind of YOLO moment that lasts 6 whole months. You’ll have the best parties and you’ll dance to every single tune just because you’re having the time of your life.

4. You’ll have your own student home

Book your student home with Uniplaces!

Your student home is like no other!

You’ll never forget the crazy house parties, your roommates and the loving neighbours, waking up late and studying in the terrace, and all the memories (literally!) written on those walls. Your student accommodation in Erasmus will be a big part of your time away — it’s why we came up with Uniplaces in the first place. If you’re doing Erasmus in Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, or Milan, just drop us a line and we’ll find a place that you’ll remember forever!

5. You’ll learn a different language

Doing Erasmus in Madrid? Learn Spanish!

Learn Portuguese if you’re doing your Erasmus in Lisbon, learn Spanish if you’re an international student in Madrid, learn Italian if you’re studying in Milan. You get the idea. You’ll end up impressing your friends and family when they drop in for a visit and you’ll be able to add that to your CV.

In the end, you’ll never be the same after your Erasmus experience. No matter where you go or what people tell you, Erasmus is one hell of an adventure! Just go to your university’s international office and ask around. It will be unforgettable!

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Are you thinking of going on Erasmus next semester? Where to? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home you’re looking for on

This post is also available in: Spanish Italian

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