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Quick Guide to Photography Lovers

Quick Guide to Photography Lovers

There is nothing like taking the perfect picture of your friends or the sunset you kept chasing for weeks. This is an article for people who are really into photography, those who share a passion while shooting. These are my tips and tricks to improve your photography game no matter the gear you have. This is for you the ones who are either in Erasmus and want to save memories, or those who are spending your holidays exploring new cities and new cultures. Here’s our quick guide to photography lovers.

The Locals

Take portraits of the locals. They are the reflection of the city. Some may not be friendly about it and others simply do not care, especially the elderly. They will have a genuine reaction that make your photos even better. If they get mad, just say you are shooting for a blog or for a portfolio, but If they are nice too you, be polite and talk to them about their best spots of the city. They will know the locations that are not advertise on social media and the hidden treasures that the city might reveal.



If you are taking landscapes capture the essence of what surrounds you. Turn on your inner artist and understand what do you want to transmit with the photo, if it is a feeling or a moment. Framing is key. It gives the photo a context, depth of field and it leads your eye to what you want to stand out. Try and make a contrast between something natural and artificial.


Golden Hour

Wait for the golden hour. This the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which, daylight is soft and even with a warmer color temperature. This is the best time for you to take photos of the city. Low lights and silhouettes are the things you should be using to turn a normal photo into something special.



Be creative. Use everyday objects to bring an extra level of uniqueness to your photos. Buy a postcard of a monument and take a photo of the postcard with the exact same framing of the monument on the background. Use a CD, near your camera lens to create effects to your photos. In low light, use the lights of shop windows and neon lights to improve your portraits
If you want to take your photos to another level, take some time and edit them. You don’t need years of experience or a degree to edit photos, the best way to understand what works best is by experimenting. There are mobile apps like, VSCO CAM and Adobe Lightroom. These ones are easy to use and can make your photos unique and take them to another level.

Take your time. Never ever rush a photo. Seek a moment. Search for something different. Don’t try to take the typical photos, had a little twist. Make it your own, create an identity while taking pictures. Your style can be based on a way of editing, framing, timing or colouring. That will give your photos a consistency and allow them to be recognized by everyone.

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