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The Pros and Cons of Studying Outdoors

The Pros and Cons of Studying Outdoors


The birds sing and the sun is shining; it’s springtime. Now that spring has sprung, so have the hours studying for tests and exams. You look out the window and start wondering whether or not you should take your studying outdoors. Here are 6 things you should consider before making your decision of studying outdoors:

You’ll have good food close by

Whether you prefer junk food, a healthy or homemade meal when you study indoors, that’s a moment that haunts you. You start feeling your stomach cringing and the question pops up: what will I eat?


Usually the only choice near your library is a vending machine and you have to carry everything with you. And when you’re studying at home, cooking your own meals makes you waste time. Well, if you’re studying outdoors, you will have cafés nearby with a variety of choices. But this is also a bit dangerous: how are you supposed to resist the temptation of eating what you shouldn’t? What do you think of this: convenient or tragedy?

You’ll have WiFi… Or not

If you’re studying outdoors, there’s one thing you cannot be sure about: if there will be WiFi or not. Probably you already start feeling anxious at the thought of it. The mere possibility of not having WiFi may seem like a big con.


However, let’s be honest: WiFi makes you waste priceless time in a never-ending scrolling on Instagram or Facebook. For every ten Instagram stories you share, you’ll probably search for one class-related search. What’s your take: is WiFi an indispensable study tool or a major source of distraction?

You’ll be in a different environment

A change of set may be good for studying! No more being surrounded by crazy or stressed out students whose temporary home is your study room or library, and no more facing those same white walls and dusty books every day.

study outdoors at the beach

When you study outdoors you have the opportunity to feel the sun, to look at a beautiful landscape, and immediately you feel less stressed. However, this might have an unproductive effect: you might end up thinking more about your summer holidays than about your exams. What’s your opinion: is a change in environment a trap full of distractions or is it indispensable to keep you from going crazy?

There will be a higher rate of cuteness

Let’s be honest. Good looking people is one of the perks of being outside and we all know it. The odds of finding your next crush are much higher outdoors than in a library full of old books and desperation. You can enjoying the sunshine and the good view while still looking intellectual and clever.


But wait! Your first goal was to study and pass your exams, right? This will probably become another distraction. Can you still focus with so many cuties passing by you?

You’ll be in a noisy environment

Do you hate those annoying “shushes” you get every time you’re at a library and a friend is explaining something to you? Well, you won’t have that problem if you’re studying outdoors. However, you can then be the one annoyed by the noise of others.

study at cafe

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Imagine if you’re in a park or at the beach, and even though you don’t find children particularly annoying, the toddlers next to you keep running around and yelling. The truth is, you struggle to focus with their screaming for more ice cream or crying when their parents don’t give them what they want. What do you think: can you block out the noise and still focus?

You’ll suffer the inconsistency of atmospheric conditions

In some cities, you can already find people going to the beach in April. And here you are, locked up in a library, slowly starting to gain the same colour as the walls. We suggest you go study outside and get some tan while doing so.

coffee and study outdoors

The thing about being outside is that you can never know what nature will throw at you. Imagine that you wake up, the sun is shining, and you decide to study outside. So far so good, right? What if, five or ten minutes after finally being able to focus, the wind starts furiously blowing, and just like in a movie all your notes get spread all over? Not that great anymore, huh?

If outdoors is the place for you, take a look at our handy maps and find a place to study outdoors in BerlinBarcelonaLisbonMadridFlorenceRomeParisMilan, and London.

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What’s your final answer: studying inside or outside? Let us know in the comments. And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home on Uniplaces.

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