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New Year’s Eve in Porto

New Year’s Eve in Porto

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It’s time to celebrate another well lived year and welcome a fresh new one! Comparing to the freezing winter in other European cities, Porto and its mild weather invite everyone to invade the streets to welcome the New Year! Whatever your preferences and budget are, it must be celebrated in great (and on your) style, so we’ve prepared a list of suggestions to help you out!

1. Concerts and fireworks at Avenida dos Aliados

After having a very nice meal, the crowds will head to the Avenida dos Aliados, the central street of Porto, to join the free celebration. Besides, you can also eat and drink from one of the several stalls distributed through the city center or take your booze from home! Enjoy yourself with the music concerts at the main stage, located in front of the City Hall, until the most awaited moment: the countdown and the 20-minute fireworks. If you like being surrounded by a happy crowd (literally), this is certainly a very exciting way for you to welcome 2019! The list of concerts this year includes Blind Zero and d’ Os Azeitonas, in addition to many other DJ’s, and they will start at 22:30!

2. The beloved Galerias de Paris

We can’t talk about parties in Porto without mentioning the Galerias de Paris, where the nightclubs and bars dominate both sides of the street. As it is right beside the Avenida dos Aliados, after the fireworks, most of the youngsters will head to one of the several nightclubs and celebrate until dawn, making sure 2019 kicks off very well.

3. Private dinners and parties

Even if you are not a big fan of the crowds, Porto is still the place for you! You could join one of the several private parties, organised mainly by hotels and restaurants, and opt for the one that better fits your preferences and budget.

One of those is organised by the glamorous Hotel Dom Henrique – Downtown. At the terrace of the hotel, on its 17th floor, you will have a privileged view from the city and the fireworks, as it is located in the heart of Porto, close to Trindade Metro Station.


Another nice party, that offers different options and prices, will take place at the Alfândega do Porto, the old customs building. The music will vary from the 80’s and 90’s to the Brazilian and international songs, besides house classics, of course. For the party at Archive Room, prices start at 25€ but also vary according to the date when the tickets are bought, so hurry up if you want to save your tickets and pay less.

4. What about doing something different for a change (literally)?

As the end of the year awakens us for reflection, why not to donate some of your time on New Year’s Eve to renew the hope and happiness of other people? You could take part in one of the many volunteering projects, even if only for an evening, but hopefully, this is will become a habit for the entire coming year! 

In Porto, one of the projects we suggest is CASA, an institution of social solidarity that distributes meals every single day to the homeless. You could volunteer yourself by filling up the form at CASA’s website.


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So, now it’s your turn to tell us: what are your plans for the upcoming New Year’s Eve?

Whatever your choice is, do not forget to eat one grape for each of the last 12 seconds counted down before midnight, as according to the Portuguese tradition, this will bring you prosperity for the following 12 months!


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