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Let’s Talk about Movies: Oscar Predictions

Let’s Talk about Movies: Oscar Predictions

Movies geek or not, the Oscars are an event that everyone knows and is aware about. The 2019 awards’ season is coming to an always epic end during the 91st Academy Awards. For the first time since the show’s original broadcast in 1927, this year’s Oscars won’t have a host to open the spectacle with a politically incorrect speech or expected the silly puns targeted to the nominees.

When everyone thought that nothing else could differentiate this year’s ceremony, that will take place the night of the 24st of February, the Academy has announced that the categories for best cinematography, best editing, best live-action short and best make-up and hairstyling will be presented during the commercial break. Something that has triggered a lot of criticism between the members of the academy and the film fans.

Nothing, however, will prevent the 91st Academy Awards from celebrating a year in film and awarding a few selected ones, that see their dreams come true when they go from nervous nominees to lucky winners. Who will win can never be known with total certainty, but here are our predictions:

1. BEST MOVIE – Roma

This Netflix produced film has gotten almost the same quantity of praise as it has received disapproval, because of its exclusive release in the online platform. What is clear is that the film has not passed unnoticed and the audience that has had the chance to watch it, agrees that the story is infused with a touching sensitivity and the images it creates have such an incredible visual virtuosity, making Roma the main favourite to win this year’s best movie award.

Scene of the movie

2. BEST DIRECTOR – Alfonso Cuarón

Not every year does the best movie award coincide with the award for best director. For instance, when Damien Chazelle won this award for La La Land in 2017, the movie didn’t end up taking home the award for best movie. It is improbable but not impossible that Alfonso Cuarón, director of Roma, will win the best movie and the best director awards for his latest film. Maybe this year the mexican director will have a double win.

Alfonso Cuarón won the Golden Globe just a few weeks ago


At first glance, this polish movie, does not seem like the typical audiovisual product to be nominated at the Oscars: a historical period drama black and white film, in a 4:3 format. It is refreshing to see such an intimate film included in the nominees and if the Academy appreciates its uniqueness, we will probably be testimony of its victory. The actors magnetism and the beautiful way in which the director, Paweł Pawlikowski, portrays Poland during the cold war.

Scene of the movie

4. BEST ACTOR – Rami Malek

The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ film has become one of this year’s surprises and at the center there is the incredible performance by an unrecognisable Rami Malek. It takes more than fake teeth to portray the legend that is Freddie Mercury and the north american actor gracefully manages to impersonate the singer’s unique and complex physical movements and mannerisms and to bring to the big screen the show-stopping carisma that characterised the Queen’s frontman.

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

5. BEST ACTRESS – Glenn Close

With a vast experience in film, television and theatre, Glenn Close has been nominated several times for the Academy Awards, but has never won the desired prize. It looks like 2019 may be the year when the north american actress takes the Best Actress award home. Her role in the film ‘The Wife’ is the actress’ chance to collect the more than deserved Academy Award, that will not only celebrate her performance in this movie but also her fruitful acting career.

Glenn Close on The Wife

Who will receive the most relevant award in Hollywood? Place your bets in the comments below and gather your friends for a night of celebrities, glamour and above all, the passion and love for the cinematic art.

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