8 Ways to Make Money While Studying Abroad

Rochelle Ceira

Studying abroad is an exciting way to see and explore the world, but it can be an expensive way to do so. Many students find themselves short of cash and feel the need to take on a job to help them make money while studying.

Do you want to reduce your chances of struggling if you do have the chance to study abroad? If your answer is yes, read on to find out easy ways to supplement your income while studying outside your home country:

1. Tutor other students

One of the easiest ways to earn additional income is to help out students who are struggling with their coursework. Determine a subject that you know well enough to teach and look around for students who need help. You can even ask the professors at your university if they require any teaching assistants — they will be more than glad to oblige.

2. Offer to assist with research work

Professors are often willing to pay students good sums of money in exchange for data entry and other menial aspects of research work. Keep in mind, though, that you know the difference between merely assisting someone with their research and becoming someone else’s cheap dissertation writer. The former is legitimate; the latter is unethical and can get you expelled.

3. Sell used books

You spent a lot of money on course books which you most likely will not need once your semester is over. Why not raise cash by selling the books to other students who are not able to afford brand-new books? You may also be able to sell these books to used book dealers.

4. Find freelance jobs

Freelance jobs allow you to work according to your own schedule, which makes them perfect for students whose schedules are highly unreliable. Ask around and start doing some freelancing jobs to earn a little extra cash!

5. Organise sales

Are you good at baking, cooking, event management or arts and crafts? Recognise your own talent and use it to your advantage. You can set up a stall and sell your wares, offer to organise student parties or cater events for them, acquire the rights to screen a movie and host your own private screening, or even organise a concert if you can. Just make sure you are not breaking any laws or rules and regulations first.

6. Offer babysitting or pet sitting services

Many people around you may require a babysitter or a pet sitter from time to time, and they’re willing to offer a good amount of cash for your time. If you think you can handle it, then go ahead and offer your services. Make sure that you are aware of all laws involved before you take on the responsibility, though.

7. Carry out odd jobs

Think back to your high school days; offer to mow someone’s lawn, take out their trash, wash their dishes or shovel their driveway. Not only will this make you feel happy to help others, but also get you some cash; it is a win-win situation for you.

8. Find a part-time job

The laws in many countries prevent foreign students from finding full-time employment on a student visa, but allow them to seek part-time work. Take advantage of this opportunity to look for a part-time job to help you get some extra money for your study abroad experience.

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What other ways do you use to make some extra money while studying abroad? Let us know in the comments.  And remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the student home you’re looking for on Uniplaces.

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