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Why Living with Friends is the Best

Why Living with Friends is the Best

University is the time to leave the homemade meals and ironed clothes behind and start learning the meaning of living alone. And it isn’t necessarily bad. It means you get to live with friends. We know you’ve heard a lot about how cool it is to live with friends, but maybe you still don’t get how great it really is. Here’s why living with friends is the best:

Cooking with friends is twice as fun

What can turn into something amazing and delicious can also become a burnt or salty disaster. If this happens, it’s great to have someone to share that responsibility with.

You can face daily disasters together

Everyday disasters, such as a huge spider on the wall or an ant infestation in the kitchen, are still going to be horrible, but at least you have someone to overreact with.

Someone to share hangovers with

Oh, the morning after. When you live with friends you can get wasted knowing there’s always going to be someone there to hold your hair during the night and to make you feel better the morning after.

You have someone to clean the house with

It will still be terrible though. You will find unknown objects all around the house, but at least you won’t be facing the task alone. One does the room, the other does the kitchen, and with a killer playlist it all becomes a bit more bearable.

They will always be around

Living under the same roof as your friends gives you the opportunity to experience and share each moment together. They’re always there if you feel like partying or just hanging out on the couch watching movies. And you know what? They will not only know your best stories, but also live them with you!

You can share everything

Friendship is all about sharing. Whether it’s clothing, make up, deodorant, food, or the shopping list, you can share it all! Life gets brighter when you have a friend to share things with.

They will be there when you need them

Friendship isn’t just about the good moments. The bad moments, the times you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to your dramas (even if it is for the thousandth times), or just someone to keep you company and encourage you. They’re there at all times!

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It’s always party time

Living with friends can be great because everything that happens is a reason to party. From the evenings when you’ve planned to study but end up singing Spice Girls songs, to all of the times you try to clean the house and end up giving a show in the living room. Everything turns into a reason to celebrate.

You have a full-time romantic adviser

Like a tabloid, your roommate is full of knowledge in the love department (or at least that’s what they think). Whenever you need love advice, your friends are there to help you at any time… which usually ends up becoming stalking on Facebook or Instagram.

Now seriously: what are you waiting for to move in with your best friends?

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Can you think of any other benefits of living with friends? Let us know in the comments and remember: if you need student accommodation, you’ll find the perfect student home to share with your friends on Uniplaces.

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