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Living Alone or with Flatmates?

Living Alone or with Flatmates?

It is time to move and find a new place. Many things to plan and one of them is whether you are going to share a place. Should you live alone or with a flatmate? Well, there is no correct answer to this question. In fact, it is a personal decision based on your preferences and your life moment. So, how can you make up your mind to living alone or with flatmates?

Try to figure out what is best by thinking about the common reasons why a person chooses one option over the other. Let’s see some points that can help you make up your mind.

1. Evaluate your finances

Review your finances by Julia Medina

In summary, living with flatmates, you will save money. You will split the expenses and the workload (cleaning, etc) with your roommates. Therefore, you can live in a larger apartment, choose a better location, and/or have a more comfortable place.

On the other hand, living alone means dealing with – only – your own mess. If you don’t feel like washing the dishes right after eating, for example, it won’t be a problem as it can be if your flatmate doesn’t approve leaving the pans and pots in the sink for a while.

2. Think about your personal preferences

Think about your personal preferences by Julia Medina

If you have a flatmate to hang with, you are not going to feel so lonely. On the contrary, it could be a great experience. However, having a roommate can be challenging especially if you need to study hard or want to relax, or when problems and conflicts arise in the relationship.

Sometimes, the term of the lease plays an interesting role. It can change your perspective. If you are going to rent a place for a few months and you are going to spend most of the day out, the roommates may not disturb you so much.

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When you have flatmates, you share the living space and a big part of your life such as your schedule, some financial information, personal problems, and even friends. You and your roommates are going to establish some rules like if guests are allowed to stay or not. You also have to avoid disturbances like noises at night. Briefly, you must respect your roommates’ wishes as you agreed on. If privacy and independence are very important for you, living with roommates may not be a good choice for you.

One of the best things about living with flatmates is to have help from time to time. When you travel, there is someone to take care of the house, pick up the mail, water the plants or feed your pet. When you are sick, you can count on them to cook, clean the house, bring you the medicines. You will also split the chores. It is nice not having to wash the dishes every day.

3. What is important to keep in mind?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

When living with someone else, you have to compromise. It is best to establish rules in advance and to be honest, nice and fair. Disagreements will arise occasionally. It doesn’t matter how carefully you choose your roommates, it is part of the game and you will have to deal with it. Be prepared! Or live fly solo! It is up to you!


So, after reading this post, have you decided if you will live alone or with roommates? Check the best rooms and houses at Uniplaces!

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