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Lisbon Erasmus city : this city is getting ready – are you?

Lisbon Erasmus city : this city is getting ready – are you?

Erasmus Lisbon City

The semester starts in September! With it, this year’s Erasmus students will be arriving to the city. Are you coming to join this massive party?

Lisbon Erasmus city / Lisboa cidade Erasmus

Lisbon wants to make sure those Erasmus students arriving here will have the best reception in the world. The City Hall has been preparing the Lisbon Erasmus city project to make this come true: and the whole city is joining in! All the major universities (including ISCTE, IPL, Universidade Aberta, Universidade de Lisboa, Nova, and Católica) and some major organizations (ESN, the Fulbright Foundation and the Fundação Luso-Americana) are all sponsoring.

The first step of the project  is the Study in Lisbon website, which gathers plenty of useful information with everything from how to find student accommodation to suggested scholarships you can apply for. Special highlight is this neat calendar with the best events of the year! After that, there are a lot of rumours going round about incredible welcome parties and many other events to happen throughout the year.

Lisbon Erasmus City Graffitti Lisbon love
What do Erasmus students and graffiti artists have in common? They love the same city.

What can you expect from Lisbon Erasmus city?

Lisbon is famous for its good weather, bright sunlight, canned sardines and knowing how to throw a good party. The city loves its history and traditions and at the same time an obsession for the future and its trends.

What can you expect from Lisbon during your Erasmus? You’ll find a welcoming city with plenty of friendly locals – that’s guaranteed. You’ll find some modern universities with great facilities and world-class staff. On the other hand, you’ll get lost in the great, great street-parties in Bairro Alto. You might see the inside of a hundred bars, but you’ll spend most of the night out on the cobbled streets. In the process, you’ll learn why this city has an Erasmus corner – and just how hard it can be to find it.

student in Erasmus Lisbon enjoying Bica
Bica is a favourite street-party spot. How often can you say ‘let’s hang out by the tram tracks’ back home?

You’ll enjoy some pretty delicious food. There are a ton of amazing restaurants around, serving food from all over the world and plenty of our typical Portuguese meals (codfish, seafood, suckling pigs, grilled chicken?). For those of you with a sweet tooth, you’ll just have to spend some time visiting the millions of bakeries that serve all kinds of sweets. If things get out of hand, make sure you read Cristina’s post on where to go jogging to stay fit in Lisbon!

Most of all, you can expect to have the best student experience of your lifetime. And if half of the rumours about ‘Lisbon Erasmus city’ projects are true – let’s just say there’ll be plenty of surprises as well!

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