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5 Indoor Activities in Porto

5 Indoor Activities in Porto

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The first thought that pops into your mind when you open your window and see rain is “Oh no! the day is ruined”? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day! In fact, it gives you the perfect excuse to try out one of these indoor activities we suggest. Keep reading and find what indoor activities to do on rainy days in Porto!

5 Indoor Activities in Porto

1 – Porto Wine cellars

Port wine is a huge part of the life of any of Porto’s inhabitant. Besides drinking it, it’s also possible to visit several wine cellars, where you can see in the first person how everything is made from the grapes to the final bottle and enjoy the scenario of a true and full of history wine cellar.

2 – Escape Games


Looking for a challenge? The Escape Games are perfect for that. In this game, you create a team with your friends and you get locked in a room. You have limited time to follow the hints given and solve enigmas that will lead you to the key of the room. Very fun and challenging, this is a must-do experience that makes the most out of your teamwork and mental skills. There are plenty of escape rooms from many companies all around Porto, with several levels of difficulty. If you do one it’s guaranteed you’ll want to do try out the next one so you can escape a lot of rainy days with this activity!

3 – Paintball


An amazing activity to do with a large group, the classic game of shooting the other team’s members with a gun that shoots colourful balls of paint can also be played indoors in several places, for example, Valadares, and promises a very fun morning or afternoon.

4 – Jumpers


Loved to jump on trampolines when you were a kid? Well, this is the perfect place for you! Revive those fantastic childhood memories by spending an hour having fun with your friends or by yourself in a place full of trampolines.

5 – Events in Alfândega


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For those looking for something more cultural, you should check what is happening in Alfândega. There are lots of exhibitions, for example about Leonardo Da Vinci or the evolution of men, interactive activities, like 3D paintings exhibitions where you can take photos “inside” the images, and big events like the fashion shows of Portugal Fashion. It is a place that always has different things for many different tastes, so be sure to keep up with the news and check it out when some event pops into your sight.


These are just some of the many things you can do on a rainy day in a city as full of life as Porto. However, keep in mind that spending the day in your cozy room reading or anywhere surrounded by your friends will also make you have a great day. For more suggestions you can always ask around, look in some magazines, like Time Out Porto,  or you can just google it and you can start making the most out of your rainy days!

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