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How to Plan an Intercontinental Flight

How to Plan an Intercontinental Flight

Intercontinental flights can be the most exhausting flights as they can go for hours and hours; therefore, to make your flight easier, less tiring and avoid ruining your whole trip experience, you might want to follow these instructions:

1. Before booking

Prepare your visa: Sometimes you may need a visa to go to certain countries, so, before planning your trip, check if you need it and try to prepare it way ahead to avoid any impromptu situations. Also, make sure you have a 6 months valid passport as some countries require it.

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Bring light cabin luggage: make sure you bring a light suitcase because

1: Having heavy luggage will make your experience very exhausting, as you have to drag it with you if you have a layover.

2: you can have space in your suitcase in case you buy souvenirs at the airport or do some shopping or at your destination country

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Choose the right seat: Yeah, choosing the aisle seat can be exciting and fascinating with all the extraordinary views you can get from above, but it is not the best seat for a long flight, therefore it is better to choose the seat by the hall so you can take to stretch your legs, back and hips from time to time without bothering anyone.

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2. It’s flight day!

Wear your most comfortable clothes: Make sure you wear chill and cosy clothes, of course, according to the weather such as leggings, tank tops, and comfortable slip-off shoes (please don’t try to take them off during your flight, it can be the most unpleasant view ever).

Bring your Snacks: Hunger is your worst enemy (it can literally affect your mood), so don’t forget to bring your snacks with you because we all know that the food served on the plane won’t make you full. But be careful not to bring anything that can make you nauseous or get you stomach bugs like fried or fast food.

You can bring crackers, dried fruits or even fresh fruits that are hard to smash such as apples or pears. And because we all know that nothing cures hunger so quickly like sweets, you can also bring cookies or chocolate bars.

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Try to get some sleep: Sleeping is important as it affects your energy and your mood. So try to get some sleep prior and during your long flight, and for that bring a travel pillow and avoid drinking coffee.

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3. Things to do during the flight

Bring things that will keep your mind busy: Make sure you bring a book, crosswords, word searches or even a notebook. Believe me, they will make your time seem faster and it’s better than sitting there thinking about how many hours you have left until you arrive at your destination. 

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Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash
Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

Start a conversation: To some, the idea isn’t very thrilling, but it is really enriching to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you, especially if it’s someone who is from another country, you will get to learn a new culture through that person, exchange ideas and even improve your English as most foreigners speak it.

Enjoy your layover: Most of the intercontinental flights have at least one stopover, as tiring as the idea sounds but you can actually enjoy it. In fact, you could go shopping in the duty-free shops, get some snacks and have full meals and you can also enjoy all the entertaining games out there.

If you have a long layover, try to go sight-seeing if you don’t need a visa for the country you’re having a layover in. Also, check if your airline company offers a hotel, once most of them offer a hotel and transportation to the hotel FREE of charges! For last, don’t forget to download some helpful apps that can help you during your trip 

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What about you? Do you have any special tricks to deal with a long flight? Share with us in the comments and remember: if you need a place to stay check Uniplaces to have the best deals!

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